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Transformers season 2, episode 16

Plot: Autobot Grapple invents a solar energy-tower, but Optimus Prime won't allow it to be built because of the possibility of Megatron getting his hands on it.

Hoist and Grapple are later ambushed by the Constructicons, but instead of attacking them they convince the two Autobots that they have deserted the Decepticons and to let them help building the tower.

They build the tower, supposedly just for the satisfaction of building it. When it's finished the Constructicons show their deceit, and turn it over to Megatron. The Autobots uses Devastator's strength against him to destroy the tower.

In this episode we see Optimus Prime being "the Man" on the basketball court, even though he calls dribbling the ball "drooling" ;-)

The two engineers Grapple and Hoist's big episode, where they unfortunately show bad judgement, in addition to being not very cool vehicles or robots. How did this episode make kids want these toys? Not at all, I think, rather it was probably the parents who didn't watch the show themselves who felt that a crane truck and a tow truck where better for the kids than tanks and war helicopters, or something...

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