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Motion Picture, filmed in 1958 (Comedy, Paramount Motion Pictures).

The film is about a grocery store proprietor who happens to be a tightwad. His employees scheme to go to New York, New York on the same day he does, and they leave Yonkers on the same morning.

Their paths cross by some bizarre string of happenstance occasions I've seen in a movie recently. During the beginning of the movie, the aforementioned manager, Mr. Horace Vandergelder (Paul Ford) is planning a trip to see his sweetheart Irene Molloy (played by Shirley MacLaine), and is interrupted by Dolly "Gallagher" Levi (played by Shirley Booth) playing Matchmaker. He redraws his plans to visit both his sweetheart and the lady brought to his attention by the matchmaker (who, by the way, is not a real person).

His employees (Anthony Perkins playing Cornelius Hackl, and one unnamed man playing "Barnaby") weasel out of work, and everybody has lots of adventure, not commonly found in the real world.

In the end, Vandergelder plans to marry Dolly Levi, while Hackl draws his plans for Ms. Molloy. Barnaby remains happily single. Mr. Vandergelder's pocketbook is loosened as well, in the style of the Grinch.

A comedy? Perhaps, but I didn't think it was much more than amusing. If you like old movies, check it out.

The Matchmaker has been rewritten by Thornton Wilder under the same title, and by Tom Stoppard, under the title On The Razzle.

The Stoppard version is, in my opinion, to be preferred, since it takes full advantage of his wit and ability for wordplay, making it quite a delight to read or see performed.

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