A Simpsons sub-show.

Pseudo-educational TV program to offset the non-educational Itchy and Scratchy. The Chocobots play with entertaining Mattel toys while waiting for emergencies. The good guys are Major Nougat, Coco, and Gooey. They fight the evil Colonel Kataffy.

The program replaced Kidz News, hosted by Lisa and Bart.

It should be obvious from the context (Itchy and Scratchy, Lisa, Bart), but for those who did not understand*, what boone describes in his write-up is part of an episode from The Simpsons TV show (in other words, this node is YASQ).

Mattel is a real toy brand IRL, as well as Mars is a real chocolate bar brand.

This Simpsons episode, while advertising in a strange way those brands, was above all a critic against cartoons which serve a unique purpose : selling to kid, selling to kids, selling to kids**.

*And even if I am very fond of The Simpsons, I totally respect said people.***
**Ok, that's three purposes, but you get the idea.

***Hell, I need such people to listen to my Simpsons quotes all the day, after all.

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