In the ward to the left
Along hallway number two
You’ll see a girl and her doll
Staring back at you

Avoid staring too intently
At the child’s precious doll
This will make her angry
And she’ll chase you down the hall

If the doll is somehow moved
When she is not around
She’ll throw a fit and scream out threats
And burn buildings to the ground

If you damage her sweet doll
And don’t run fast enough
She’ll take you down and beat you up
And strangle you with stuff

But if the doll should disappear
Or be ruined beyond repair
She’ll calmly turn and walk away
Ignoring viewers' stares

In the night she’ll come to you
Hatred in her eyes
She'll cut you with a bloody axe
And watch you as you die

A needle in her nimble hands
Along with some thread too
She’ll tear and rip and sew it up
And make a doll from you

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