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Formerly Titled: Crowell's Handbook of Classical Mythology
By Edward Tripp

"From Abantes to Zninthe, from Athena to Zeus, this invaluable alphabetical guide to the myths of Greece and Rome is the definitive handbook for discovering the true identity of the epic heroes and gods who have found their way into all the great literature of the world. Drawn from the original sources and later variants, this comprehensive volume consists of both complete stories and short identifications of the characters, events, place names, and constellations which compose the rich body of ancient Greek and Roman literature. And for a fuller perspective of this mythological realm, there are maps of the classical world, genealogical charts of the royal lines, and a pronouncing index which gives both English pronunciations and transliterated Greek spellings.
The Meridian Handbook of Classical Mythology will be welcomed by students, teachers, librarians, readers of great literature, and - most of all - by lovers of good stories." - Back Cover

This is the source for such works of mine as Chaos Family and Titans and Olympians, family trees of the various gods and goddesses of Greek mythology. Although it is copyrighted in 1970, I used it for a class not more than three years ago. Therefore, it must still be up to date as far as classical studies professionals are concerned. I found it hugely invaluable, as the above description states.

The only thing confusing about it is the multiple references for one particular person or place. However, this relates not to the author or the publisher, but to the many translations and definitions passed down over the millennia from the ancient Greeks themselves.

I recommend this book (or a newer version) to anyone wanting an encyclopedia of sorts for mythology.

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