The Mexican, (2001)
Genre: Action / Comedy
Tagline: Love with the safety off.

A man named Jerry tries to transport an ancient gun called The Mexican, believed to carry a curse, back across the border, while his girlfriend pressures him to give up his criminal ways.

Finding the pistol is relatively easy but getting it home is a whole other matter. Jerry (Pitt) almost starts to believe the curse, especially when he discovers that his girlfriend Samantha (Roberts) is being held hostage by a hit man to ensure the safe return of the pistol.

Do not expect a light-hearted caper with a ton of laughs and fierce sexual chemistry between the lead actors. The film is rated R for violence and language, not sex. This is firstly. Secondly, they spend most of the movie apart and when they do share the screen, they bicker. Still, they elicit laughs.

Roberts' portrayal of Samantha as a self-help hype spewing girlfriend is amusing, not that she can help much of it. As for James Gandolfini, if he is an actor who has been playing the same character for years, he still works here as the gay hit man.

The plot does has a couple of twists and false endings, none too comlex. That said, it is lighthearted and funny in spots, and not altogether as bad (although, not as good either) as you might expect.

Cast, first billed only:

Rated R for violence and language.
Props to imdb for giving me the facts and a negative review for me to disagree with.

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