The Mimsies are a fictional indie rock band. A fabrication of a character in the comic strip Indie Rock Pete, a spin-off of R. Stevens' Diesel Sweeties. A nameless indie chick in a hoodie concots the name in order to viciously entrap Pete and make him look like a poseur.

PETE: Hello, I'm Pete--
GIRL: Sit down, sexy. I heard you're into the Mimsies?
PETE: Yeah, they're all right, but their older stuff is much, much better...
GIRL: Pete... I have a secret.
PETE: Yes?
GIRL: There's no such band called "The Mimsies"...
PETE: ...
GIRL: And you're nothing but a pretentious indie rock poseur.

Although we sympathize with Pete's plight, we can take the Mimsies meme as a useful tool. If you suspect that someone is more interested in name-dropping than enjoying music, that they would fail the indie rock double blind test, then maybe you can solicit their opinion of the Mimsies' latest and see if they take the bait.

Alternatively, this story can be used for introspection, as a cautionary tale, not unlike Lot and his wife. If you find yourself pretending to like the latest Microphones album just because Pitchfork Media said it was the Best Album of 2001, or you start eagerly recommending to your friends an album that you haven't even heard yet, stop for a moment, and think: Am I admitting that I'm a big fan of the Mimsies?


NOTE: Asterphage chides me, saying "Apparantly you did not read the IRP messageboard... They ARE a real indie rock band. It was an intentional reference put in by the writer." Well, what do you know!

Writer Jeff Rowland says, "I chose their name because it sounds cool, and (so I thought) obscure enough so that it would seem like I came up with it myself. Boy was I wrong." (source:

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