Bear with me, kids.

This is one of my favorite records. I use the word "record" advisedly, because it wasn't until very recently pressed to CD. As far as I've been able to discern, I'm the only person who likes it.

Sopwith Camel was a one hit wonder in the sixties, and their one hit, 1967's Hello, Hello was truly dreadful. By the time they got around to The Miraculous Hump, 1n 1973, they were completely out of control. It's kind of jazzy, with saxophones and such, but it was not in synch with the times, and it quickly sank out of sight.

A couple of the former band members chronically threaten to find someone to release it on CD. I'm not holding my breath, but I hope it's true. The grooves on my copy are getting a bit wide.
Update: It's now available at

Yes, I'm defensive, because you probably wouldn't like it, but I think it's great.

"Hmph. That puts me one up on 'em in the Enjoyment of Life department", he rationalized.

The Miraculous Hump Returns From the Moon

Peter Kraemer - vocal, saxophone, flute, synthophone, Arp
Terry MacNeil - piano, guitar
Martin Beard - bass
Norman Mayell - drums, percussion, harmonica, marimba, sitar

Fazon 5:15 (MacNeil, Kraemer, Beard, Mayell)
Coke, Suede, and Waterbeds 3:30 (MacNeil, Kraemer, Beard, Mayell)
Dancin' Wizard 3:01 (MacNeil, Kraemer)
Sleazy Street 5:26 (MacNeil, Kraemer)

Orange Peel 5:32 (MacNeil, Kraemer)
Oriental Fantasy 4:53 (MacNeil, Kraemer)
Sneaky Smith 5:33 (MacNeil, Kraemer)
Monkeys on the Moon 3:12 (MacNeil, Kraemer)
Astronaut Food 3:07 (MacNeil, Kraemer)
Brief Synthophonia 1:00 (MacNeil, Kraemer, Beard, Mayell)

Special Thanks to Bob "Bix" Feldman, Mcheza Ngomo, Jimmy Stringfellow
Engineering: Steve Jarvis, Wally Heider, San Fransisco
Additional Recording: Vieira, Different Fur, San Fransisco
Mastering: Lacquer Channel, Sausalito
Artwork: Satty (Lizard's Note: the cover art is an acknowledged Rock Classic, even if the music isn't)
Produced by Erik Jacobsen and The Sopwith Camel
Songs Published by Great Honesty Music, Inc.

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