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The title of little known B-sides to Lauryn Hill's debut solo hip hop album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, for which she won many awards.

There is a tendency throughout the album for the lyrics to be extremely convoluted and misleading in places. Lauryn gives the impression that she believes she has been sent by God to navigate for us all which I certainly find irritating. However if you ignore some of her "back seat driver" lyrics you can get through to the great music underneath.

The final attempt by Lauryn to put you off the album are a series of interludes with a group of giggling girls navigating in a completely disconcerting fashion from here to Krackatoa falls.

The Misdirection of Lauryn Hill, 1998, Columbia Records

  1. Lost Ones (Where are we anyways?)
  2. Ex-Driver (Now I ride bitch)
  3. To Zion (I know this place like the back of my hand!)
  4. Doo Map (or don’t)
  5. Northstar (or was it the southern cross?)
  6. Final Hour (Are we there yet?)
  7. When It Hurts So Bad (Pull over, I’ve got to pee!)
  8. I Used To Follow Him (but he left me at the red light.)
  9. Forgive Them Father (for they know not where they go.)
  10. Every Ghetto, Every City (Which one are we in now?)
  11. Nowhere Even Matters
  12. Everywhere Is Everywhere
  13. The Misdirection Of Lauryn Hill

The final track, The Misdirection of Lauryn Hill

My car it moves so fast today
The road it seems so far away
And I squeeze the wheel so tight, I can't breathe
And everywhere I try to be
Where someone has expected me
So caught up, I wasn't able to find
But on the map the answer, take a right
But I made up my mind to find my own destination
I look at my compass
And wonder what town I am in
What happened to where we used to be
I hear so many cry for a way out
Searching the map for themselves
Now I know the road is within me
And on the map the answer, it was a right
But I made up my mind to find my own destination
And on the map the answer, it was a right
But I made up my mind to find my own destination

Vocals: Lauryn Hill
Fender Rhodes and Organ: Loris Holland
Piano: Joe Wilson
Strings: Indigo Quartet
Recorded by Tony Prendatt
Engineered by Comissioner Gordon and Tony Prendatt
Mixed by Comissioner Gordon
Assisted by Storm Jefferson
Recorded and Mixed at Chung King Studios, NYC

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