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One of the most fiercely contested issues in America today.

Working vs. Staying Home With the Kids.

One on side we have the The University of Massachusetts study that showed that children suffer no long-term ill affect when parents work outside the home from their infancy. We also have the journal, Developmental Psychology who published a study concluding that children do not suffer when their mothers work.

One the other side of the fence is the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD). In its ongoing Early Child Care Study which was launched in 1991, the NICHD observed 1,300 children at 10 research sites around the country. The study found that the more time a child spent in any kind of child care away from its mother, including in the care of a father or relative, the more likely the child was to demonstrate aggressive, disobedient and/or defiant behavior, both as a preschooler and as a kindergartner.

Working mothers, who have a job that is really challenging, no matter what you believe, go back and forth between being heroines and victims depending on the current thoughts on the topic.

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