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I remember once I wanted you
and you had no idea.
I touched you once and asked
if you wanted me the same--
You said no, and I got mad and walked away.

I remember when we used to fuck
and kiss like it was Zen,
hot as chili peppers.
And it was never enough,
everythingcould not have been enough.

Now sometimes when no one can see me
I set my pride down
next to where I am
and we discuss the matter
of the time I left.

Humility told me
while I was on my walk
that you had gotten mad
and left,
that it's time to let it go.

It's probably too late
I thought.
I've been gone a damn long time.
It seems like he is from the stars
and I am from the moon.

Now, before the end of my little tale
becomes a tragedy,
I need to have your attention
I need to speak my piece.

We've been distant for a while now
not just across the miles
but in the sense of unity
I think
we used to have.

Here's my offer:
I suppose I can end my affair now,
my secret calls on pride.
I'm ready to find my way back now
if you think you can too,
and we can be in love
and that would be the end.

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