The band welcomes criticism, and will gladly take questions. This particular node was begun by the band, and they check it at least once a week. Anyone with anything to say about the band is welcome to post it here, though it goes without saying that endorsements will be appreciated far more than people saying "The NO! sucks!" and like comments (especially if those people have never listened to the band). However, if you wish to address your comments to a specific human being, in the hopes it will be answered... visit JediPhil683's user profile.

The NO! is, basically, a house band, from the great city of Denver, Colorado. Though not in any "house" sense most of us would consider. They practice, and record, in a house. They would be a garage band, except for the little problem that they don't play in a garage. They play inside a house, inside one room of a house, to be specific.

The NO! is also known as: the Tiki Sex Gods (or just TSG for short)... the No Rhythm Hybrids (or NRH)... or Darci's Boys; previously known as: TBA or Sofa Kingdom (until we found out those names were taken), the band settled on "The NO!" when they figured out that there was already a YES, and they sucked (no offense to any YES fans out there).

The NO! primarily consists of: Mark Poffel (bass & lead vocals), Ben Eichorst (bass, violin, keyboards & vocals), Randy McCready (drums & vocals), Oliver (he'll get a last name when I learn one) (guitars & vocals), and Phil Wrede (guitars, harmonica & vocals).

Other members include (but this is not exclusive): Pat Wieck (head of security), Sean Brune (guitars & vocals), Matt Naughton (assistant security), Matt Steiner (assistant security), and Garrett Holtz (guitars, harmonica & vocals)

Though The NO! have released a grand total of three singles, appropriately titled "The Penguin Man," "One More Time," and "The Birthday Suite," they have plenty more songs in the works... ranging from the punk rock-esque "One not-so-Fine Day," to the heavy metal stylings of "Smiley," the almost-Disturbed quality "Mission from God," to the Pumpkins-esque "Absolutely Nothing," even the "Green Blues."

Upcoming albums for The NO! include: Mixed Metaphors, My Dixie Wrecked, Anthem for a Hard Knock Life, The Python Album, and All Hail the Gods.

The NO! hope to actually play in concert one day, and are honing their live show in the hopes that actually happens.

Just to clear up some possible confusion... the reason that The NO! goes by so many different names is that they have so many different musical styles. Sofa Kingdom was originally intended to be the standard name for the band, but when it was discovered that someone already had the rights to the name, the band was sent scrambling. TSG was already the metal side of the band, Darci's Boys quickly christened the jazz band, NRH the rap-core band... and once it was discovered that TBA had already been taken, the punk rock band was eventually dissolved and placed under the banner of... The NO! (though they really dont have a banner per se).

The NO! was originally concieved to be a band along the same veins as: Static-X, Disturbed, Orgy, and Tool, with a little bit of Smashing Pumpkins (especially from the Adore album) thrown in, but as time progressed, all the music that could not be placed underneath any other preexisting band name was phased into the catalogue of The NO!

As of this printing, The NO! has a couple of strange cover songs in development, ranging from a Powerman 5000-esque version of The Doors' "Hello, I Love You,"... to a grunge cover of the Ten Years After song "Love Like A Man,"... to a System of a Down-esque version of Nirvana's "All Apologies,"... to the classic chldren's game "MR DUX" (author unknown). Look upon The NO! and tremble, for they are the sound of the future... hopefully.

By popular demand, the node that contained the lyrics to "Absolutely Nothing" was requested nuked, so here they are now (if you care):


Nothing found in nothingness

Nothing comes from nothingness

And nothing goes to nothingness

Except me


So far I’ve come

So far to go

Too far to run

Guess I’ll never know

What’s it like to be loved

What it’s like to be feared

Don’t think it’d matter

If I just disappeared


Nowhere to go, nowhere to be

Nothing to do, nothing to see

I don’t think I can be

Like this anymore

Unable to bear

I cannot see

And I’m not lasting much longer


So here I am now

It’s in my hands

Can’t do this

No more

I’m going away

Chorus x2

(And, yes, it is supposed to look like this. Thank you for caring.)

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