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The Nerve Agents were a hardcore punk band that served a short, but powerful, amount of time on the hardcore punk scene.

Formed in 1998, The Nerve Agents were comprised of members of similar hardcore bands such as Redemption 87, Model American, Rely, and Fury 66. With a sound best described as a combination of Black Flag, Bad Religion, and a tinge of slightly morbid imagery, their first release was a self-titled EP that was released on Revelation Records that same year. Out of the 8 songs on the album, the longest was three minutes, with the rest clocking in at about two minutes or less. The release of this album caused many hardcore enthusiasts to envision a promising future for The Nerve Agents.

Two years later, in 2000, The Nerve Agents returned with a full length LP entitled Days Of The White Owl. Sixteen new songs were placed on the album, including an excellent cover of 45 Grave's "Evil", which also served as a showcase of the more horror-oriented influences of the band. Besides the appearance of that song, Days Of The White Owl was basically a re-hash of their earlier work, which certainly wasn't a bad thing.

In 2001, The Nerve Agents signed with Hellcat Records, a label owned by Rancid, and distributed by indie giant Epitaph. Their new LP, The Butterfly Collection, marked another return to The Nerve Agents' familiar hardcore style, with 15 raging anthems, many of which start off with slower experimentation, but then pick up speed and drift back into familiar territory.

On January 26th, 2002, The Nerve Agents disbanded on a good note, due to each band member having other priorities.

Eric Ozenne: Vocals

Timmy Stardust: Guitar & Vocals

Dante Sigona: Bass/Piano

Zac Hunter: Guitar

Andy Outbreak: Drums

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