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A three-piece outfit from Toronto, part of the burgeoning "livetronic" movement. The band describes itself as "live progressive breakbeat house music," which pretty well sums it up. Basically, if attended one of their shows with your eyes closed, you would swear you were hearing a DJ with a turntable and drum machine, as opposed to three entirely human beings playing real instruments in real time. Jamie Shields plays keyboards, Dan Kurtz the bass, and Darren Shearer pounds out the breakbeats with uncanny agility. Their songs have no particular duration, no lyrics (unless you count Darren's human beatbox!) and can and will bleed into one another, stretching well over 20 or 30 minutes. But the stuff is so damn danceable that the band's collective improvisation never turns into aimless noodling. Go see them if they come to your town! You won't regret it. Expect an atmosphere somewhere between a Phish show and a rave.
Btw, their website ends in .ca, not .com.

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