Well, there was a great noding project perdedor worked on/still works on called I node New York, and I dug the concept so much that I decided to apply it to Memphis. Thusly, I give you this.

Memphis, TN is an odd place, with wrestlers that also serve as underground artists, musicians, and political candidates, political candidates that claim to be aliens, own controversial nightclubs, and want to turn a sagging tourist attraction into a jail, and jails that have wrestling championships. Actually the circle extends much bigger than that, and I guess it's my duty as a Memphian to sort it all out.

I know other folks have written about Memphis-related goodness as well, and if they can tack their list of write-ups onto this one, it would be much appreciated. A lot of the grunt work on the project will be started in March, with scattered entries here and there until then. Until then I have a few Memphis nodes already done. A rather large list of nodes to be done is on my home node. And yeah, I'm humbly imitating the "I Node New York" listing style. It just seems easier to keep track of that way.

  1. Memphis: without it this wouldn't be here
  2. Sessels: the grocery chain that I, and many other memphians have a love/hate relationship with (need to update)
  3. Mystery Train: the best damn Memphis movie ever
  4. The True Evil of Albertson's Inc.: the reason why some folks have turned their back on Sessels
  5. Camy's: best-ever pizza delivery to midtown and downtown, open late!
  6. Big Star: a near-extinct grocery chain, and also a legendary pop band, both from Memphis
  7. Jerry Lawler: Memphis' very own renaissance man
  8. SUPERMAN DAM FOOL: Memphis' best graffiti, with an even more fitting examination.
  9. Charles Vergos Rendezvous: Who knew that the finest Memphis ribs and barbeque were in a downtown back alley?(1)
  10. Chris Bell: Co-founder of the aforementioned band Big Star...1951-1978.(1)
  11. Huey's: Mmmmhmm! This is a tasty burger...(2)
  12. Jim Dickinson: World Boogie and all that good stuff. A swell guy with a swell family.(1)
  13. The Peabody Hotel: Our very own historical landmark-hotel-sorta-place.(1)
  14. Peabody Marching Ducks: From the roof! To the fountain! and back to the roof!(1)
  15. Center for Southern Folklore: It's viciously defended by some parts of the local music/cultural community, but here's a different take on the place.(2)
  16. The Grifters: Rawk and roll from a Flower Shop on Madison Ave.. Woohoo. (3)
  17. Back Yard Burgers: Information and an amusing and slightly disturbing anectdote about arguably the greatest fast food hamburgers in the world (4,5)

I'm still in debate on whether I should add personal "only in Memphis" situations to the list. I probably won't other than the Albertson's rant.

(Credit where credit is due!: (1) panamaus, (2) dannye, (3) plink, (4) elphkotm, (5) pointlessrepetition)

By recomendation of panamaus I'm moving a list of future subjects for the nodable memphis, they're pretty much up for grabs since I'm an unmotivated slacker these days. But maybe I'll write a few, heh. I'll eventually sort these and expand the list. Whoever writes about someething related, whether in the list or not, /msg me so I can add it to the completed list.

Sweden Kreme, Raleigh Springs Mall, Huey's, Overton Square, Lucero, The Satyrs, The Oblivians, Last Place on Earth, New Daisy Theatre, Beale Street, Mud Island, The Pyramid, Mid-America Mall, Prince Mongo, Sidney Shlenker, Larry Finch, Malco Cinemas, Germantown, Joe's Liquor, Shangri-La Records, A Real Place, Piggly Wiggly, The Pink Palace Museum, Admiral Benbow on Union, John Biggert, Dirty Tricks were Used!, Eric the Midtown Kid, Animax, Alex Chilton, Dach Oriental Imports, The Memphis Flyer, The Commercial Appeal, The Memphis Press-Scimitar, MATA, MATA Transfer Rules, MATA Routes, Makeshift Records, Easley Studios, Dave Brown, Magicland, Dick Williams, Jack Eaton, Lance Russell, University of Memphis, Rhodes College, Overton Park, Memphis Zoo, Brooks Museum of Art, Memphis Public Library, WMPS-AM, WLMT-30, WHBQ-13, WMKW-30, WMC-5, WREG-3, WPTY-24, WKNO-10, Topps' BBQ, Autozone Park, The Poor and Hungry, The P&H Cafe, Zinnie's, Raleigh, Stage Stop, The Antenna Club, The Tolusean Ballroom, the night the Sex Pistols came to Memphis, Memphis Comics & Records, Yum's, Memphis Mental Health Center, Methodist Hospitals, Baptist Hospitals, Le Boneheur, St. Francis Hospital, Al Green's Full Gospel Tabernacle, Green's Lounge, The Fieldstones, Al Green, Chucalissa Village, 201 Poplar, Memphis Independent Film Festival, The Corned Beef House, The 4 Corners, Memphis College of Art, National Cemetery, Oris Mays, Bill King's Brake-O, Jackson Ave., Elvis Presley Blvd., Graceland, National Civil Rights Museum, Poplar Ave., Lamar Ave., Ruby Begonia's, Cooper/Young, Young Avenue Deli, Java Cabana, Alex's Tavern, Exline's, "Grisham is Coming", Overton Park Shell, "Save the Shell", Squash Blossom, Underground Art, The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium, The Map Room, Otherlands, Guide to Streets in Memphis that Change Names Without Warning...and more and more....

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