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I pull you from the wreckage to say goodbye
I wrap my arms around you as I feel you die
Leaving you watching the tears in my eyes
Because I won’t forgive myself for my lies

I said that it would be painless after you rest
Underneath our oak tree with the robin’s nest
Where we used to hold each other
Where I promised we would have forever

Spending my last days stumbling around
With my heart knocking me to the ground
With every extra pound added to my chest
Finding how soon I’d break was another test

Just wishing that I could take my knife
And find you after I end my life
Let the trail of imagined blood be my guide
I could wander till I find a place by your side

Lost up in the clouds holding each other
Keeping my promise we’d have forever
Holding onto this fantasy to stop ruining me
Because I know you’d never forgive me

When you saw me up there without a part of me
That had made me who you wanted me to be
Replaced by cynical eyes that only saw gray
That eternally relived that horrible day

Stranded there holding you after the collision
Until the flashing lights had filled my vision
Feeling you being pulled from my arms
Too numb to feel that I had come to harm

Sometimes I still wonder what’s right
When I lose hope remembering that night
After I recall that the last thing in your sight
Were my teary eyes as your’s lost their light

One of these days we’ll have each other
So I can keep my promise that we’ll have forever
Where I can hold you under our oak tree
Atop the clouds where you are waiting for me

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