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His arms were a road map
of tattoos and scars
You could tell where he'd been
All the parties and bars
His feet on the ground
and his eyes on the stars
Like he's flying

He used to smoke reefer
with Jack Daniels neat
He was once solid muscle
His head to his feet
Tho he's now fat all over
He sure loves to eat
But he's trying

Now he scratches his beard
as he rocks in his chair
His grown kids still shrink
from his 'pissed at you' stare
But his Grandkids say he's
just a big teddy bear
They're not lying

He thinks of lost brothers
Good friends who have gone
His father who's past
and a woman he's known
How he almost went crazy
when the bank took his home
Feels like crying

But he's almost content now
like never before
watching his Grandkids
play 'round on the floor
Hell he's almost forgotten
that Viet Nam war
All that dying

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