The Open Firmware boot loader and plug-in card firmware interface technology, commonly used by both Sun and Apple, is the only firmware standard in existence to have its own theme song.
Lyrics are transcribed below, although to truly experience the full horror of the Song i suggest you listen to the original version, sung by the creator of Open Firmware (Mitch Bradley), available at

Seriously.. Do not read this node. Either close this window and listen to the .au, or just run away, far away.
(Note that is a wonderful resource in and of itself, and you should read it if you're at all interested.)
Sung to the tune of "The Flintstones"
Open Firmware
It's the appropriate technology,
FCode booting
Hierarchical DevInfo tree.

Hack Forth
Using Emacs on the keys,
Save in
NVRAM if you please.
With your
Open Firmware
You can fix the bugs in no time
Bring the kernel up in no time
We'll have an FCode time!

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