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A movie starring Christina Ricci as a blonde, precocious 'bad girl'.
Unless I've miscounted, this is the second film in which she's played someone called 'DeeDee'. Scary.

Last year, as part of an attempt to watch every movie in which Christina has acted, I rented it on DVD. Thus I had the opportunity to watch it with the directors' voiceover, which proved interesting.

Some (very paraphrased/from memory) choice quotes from the directors:

  • "She's beautiful right there" - "Oh yeah."
  • (On Lisa Kudrow's travelling clothes) "This was our attempt to create the, uh, schoolteacher-on-holiday look. I'm pretty proud of that."
  • "I think this is the first movie really that has a gay relationship in it but doesn't dwell on that - I think people can get over that now because it's a common enough theme."
  • "What we wanted to do was create a heroine who is genuinely difficult to like - a bad person. Lead characters are always people like you, you can empathize with them; we wanted someone totally unlike that."

In the end, though, I didn't see as much originality or novelty as the directors seemed to intend - Ricci's role seems like her usual character-style, and ultimately the whole thing is pretty conformist.

Having said that, it's enjoyable, and Ricci's character's badass attitude is very cool - especially in her narration.

Plus, as an added bonus, if you've ever wondered who the heck Lyle Lovett is (I did), well, you get to see him in this film :)

/me realises worriedly that this is almost a movie review - help!

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