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The most well known track in the Cradle mountain - Lake st Clair National park, the Overland track traverses 80km and is usually completed in 5 - 8 days. The track begins at Ronny Creek and ends at Cynthia bay on the shores of Lake st Clair.

On the way there are many interesting side trips available (of various difficulty levels) including Cradle mountain, Lake Will and Mount Ossa(Tasmania's highest peak at 1662m above sea level). The side trips generally take several hours and doing several of these will obviously extend the time of the walk.

For those who don't wish to spend their last day slogging along a lake shore for 5 hours there is a ferry service operating from the Narcissus hut to Cynthia bay which takes about 20 minutes and cuts about 17km (of relatively easy walking) off the trip.

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Cradle mountain - Lake st Clair National park

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