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The Scene:

  • An awning, military green, to convey a tent.
  • Practical lighting onstage to create a pool of light.
  • Rest of set in darkness.
  • Several men onstage, one (General) pacing in front, giving orders.

The Characters:

The Script:

General Talking as if halfway through an epic speech: Draw up the lines of battle. Ready your men for war.

Pacifist Soldier: Or... couldn't we call it a draw and go home, sir?

General:They are impinging on our freedoms! They invaded our land! Do you mean we should let them get away with this?

Pacifist Soldier: Didn't we invade first? And, erm... how exactly are they impinging on our freedoms? Sir?

General: Yes, but we were justified. We were liberating our countrymen. They are impinging on the freedom of our countrymen and intend to impinge on ours.

Pacifist Soldier: Why does this land matter so much? If we turn it into a battlefield, by the time we've finished nobody will care any more. And anyway, there are as many of 'them' living here as there are of 'us'. How come when we do it, we are the liberators, but when they do it, it's 'oppression of our people'?

General: Shut up. This is insubordination. Go prepare for battle.

Pacifist Soldier: Shan't. Fascist.

The general picks up a gun and shoots the pacifist soldier through the head. He puts the gun away.

General: Anyone else having a moral crisis?

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