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An Insane Clown Posse album released through Chaos Comics, one track at a time, with a comic of the same name. There will be 12 issues of the Pendulum.


  1. The Amazing Maze - features Twiztid as fake commentators. Also appears on the Insane Clown Posse/Twiztid bootleg album Psychopathics From Outer Space. It's the story of one particularly cruel man's trip through an evil funhouse maze, which eventually leads to his demise.
  2. I Don't Care - actually an early Dark Lotus song, also appears on Twiztid's album Cryptic Collection II. It's a song about being oblivious to what goes on in the world.
  3. $50 - A song about approaching women. J and Shaggy bet each other $50 that they won't get a date. Also appears on Psychopathics from Outer Space
  4. The Greatest Show - One of ICP's best songs. It's an extended remake of the theme for The Oddities that they wrote while wrestling in the WWF.
  5. Toxic Love - Also appears on the Hallowicked 2000 CD, and the CD of rare tracks that came with the ICP action figures if you purchased it at Spencer's. A Violent J solo track (although Shaggy does sing a bit of the chorus) about accidentally having sexual relations with a barrel of toxic waste.
  6. Nuttin' But a Bitch Thang - Eminem dis track originally released on the web site after the swipe he made on his Marshall Mathers LP album, also appears on the ICP Action Figure Promo
  7. 3 Songs for the Juggalos - Three Psychopathic Rydas solo tracks, two from Bullet and one from Full Clip.
  8. Confessions - Violent J solo track, sounds like it was mostly recorded during the Great Milenko era. Also appears on Forgotten Freshness 3
  9. Superstar - Another track with a message similar to "We Gives No Fucks" off the Bizzar album. Violent J pretending he's a bigshot. Also appears on Forgotten Freshness 3
  10. R. U. Wicked - Violent J solo track about the powers that be.
  11. Run - Would you stand with your friend if trouble showed up? Or would you run? Also appears on Forgotten Freshness 3
  12. Skanta Claws - Christmas track featuring Anybody Killa

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