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The Phantom Whistler Game


  1. Find a really great roof; two-story works really well.
  2. Wait until someone is walking by on the ground.
  3. Begin whistling. (Any song will do, but make sure it's a song and not just random whistling.)
  4. Watch the confusion.

Your victim will look side to side, behind him/her, and all around. But s/he will NOT look up, ever. If your victim looks up, he or she is not a normal human. Do not be fooled. Humans think the world is ten feet tall. Anything that comes from above that does not exist. The sky is a pretty picture on the ceiling. Buildings, unless they are in them, extend above their heads only in theory. Thus, if they hear a sound coming from somewhere that is not around them, it is a phantom sound that they cannot identify. They will either slow down, confused, or they will speed up and try to get out of there to avoid being disturbed further. They will forget about it momentarily.

Should the person see you, or further, say "hi there," you should immediately befriend them and teach them how to play the phantom whistler.

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