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Jerry Garcia David Grisman and Tony Rice recorded what came to be known as The Pizza Tapes without any intention of releasing it. The guy delivering pizza to the trio stole some original recordings, which almost instantly showed up in bootlegged cassette circles, and late night Grateful Dead radio shows.

The Pizza Tapes is a blend of acoustic jazz, bluegrass, blues, folk and country.

The impromptu nature of the recordings make it really fun. The "appetizers" include bits of train wreck takes, and the boys just screwing around. A game of "Name That Tune" breaks out, with tunes like the Nestlé's chocolate jingle.

  1. Appetizer
  2. Man Of Constant Sorrow
  3. Appetizer
  4. Louis Collins
  5. Shady Jam
  6. Shady Grove
  7. Always Late
  8. Guitar Space/Summertime
  9. Appetizer
  10. Long Black Veil
  11. Rosalee McFall
  12. Appetizer
  13. Drifting Too Far From The Shore
  14. Amazing Grace
  15. Little Sadie
  16. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
  17. Space Jam
  18. So What
  19. Appetizer
  20. House Of The Rising Sun

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