The Polyphonic Spree, formed in 2000 in Dallas TX, is made up of former members of the band Tripping Daisy.

Tripping Daisy ended when Wes Bergeren died of a drug overdose in the late 1990's. They have expanded to include some orchestral and exotic instruments and to allow a more compositionally symphonic form of rock music.

Members and instruments played, from

  • Todd Berridge (Viola)
  • Jeff Bouck (Gong, Tabla, Car Tailpipe, Bells, Timpani)
  • Chris Curiel (Trumpet)
  • Tim DeLaughter (Guitar, Voice)
  • Audrey Easley (Flute, Piccolo)
  • Carlos Jackson (Farfisa, Tambourine, Bells)
  • Mark McKeever (Keyboard, Moog, Trumpet)
  • Mark Pirro (Bass)
  • Andrew Tinker (French Horn)
  • Bryan Wakeland (Drums)

  • Jessica Berridge
  • Austen Brown
  • Julie Doyle
  • Toby Halbrooks
  • Jesse Hester
  • Roy Ivy
  • Jennifer Jobe
  • Jennie Kelley
  • Kelly Repka
  • Christy Stewart

They have yet to release an album, mostly just doing live shows in and around Texas. If you liked Tripping Daisy, you'll like these guys.

UPDATE:As of July 3, 2002, I have been informed by the esteemable GangstaFeelsGood that they do indeed have an album out now. From my own personal knowledge you can most likely get it at Good Records in Dallas, or at

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