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This character appears in the flash cartoons on the Homestar Runner website created by the Chapman brothers (aka the 'Brothers Chaps').

The Poopsmith seems to be completely naked except for a pair of dubiously stained gloves and a pair of blue boots. His torso looks like a giant flesh-coloured lima bean, topped by a smaller white bean with eyes and a mouth and a few crazy hairs. He spends all of his time shoveling, *ahem*, 'manure' for the King of Town. His main job seems to take manure from one large pile, and start a new pile. Of course, this makes him one of the more productive characters. The Poopsmith never talks due to a vow of silence and reeks to high heaven, which makes him one of the less popular people in Freedom Country, USA.

Although a comparatively minor character on homestarrunner.com, he is one of the more bizarre.

Here's a link to his entry on H*R's old character page: http://www.homestarrunner.com/yearbookps.html

And his new VIDEO entry: http://www.homestarrunner.com/vcr_poop.html

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