by Walter Kaufmann. A book containing some of the great 19th Century philosohper Friedrich Nietzsche's best works including: Twilight of the Idols, The Antichrist Nietze Contra Wagner, and Thus Spoke Zarathustra. The preface reads:

When Nietzche died in 1900 he was world famous, and influence on
the most diverse minds of his own generation, and destined to exert
a unique fascination on those of succeeding generations. His impact
has been manifold as his prose, and most interpreters have fastened
on a single strain that has caused Nietzsche philosophical
thought to be more distorted more than that of any previous philosopher.
The present Volume aims to remedy that situation by presenting
as much as possible of the complete Niezsche. It contains the full
and unabridged texts of four of his major works, and selections from
his other books, notes, and letters to rounf out the picture of his
developement, his versatility, his inexhaustibility.

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