This is a piece of original writing by my son, Ian Thompson, when he was 4 1/2. I am noding it due to popular demand of the 2002 Squished tubers and dead bird: an orphans' Thanksgiving attendees, where it received multiple live readings (most notably by Walter, Bitca, metacognizant and Spackle) and great critical acclaim.

The Power Rangers who killed the gooey bad man

One day Santa is going to bring me a Power Ranger movie and lots of Power Rangers so I can play with the Power Rangers and push the buttons so they'll be big enough. The blue Power Ranger is my favorite, he's Billy, he's a wolf. The Power Rangers flied the bad man to space. They dropped him so he broke. He had two wings popping out. Then he went up and then he's together again.
And then the golden bird Power Ranger was flying the other Power Rangers up into the air. They killed a scorpion and an ant. Then another Power Ranger came. He started to fall and then he broke.
The gooey man looks like the Power Rangers are killing Ooze. Ooze is a bad guy. Ooze is yuck, and then they said yuck. His head was long. He grew up like a big guy, then he pushed a button on him and wings started to come out and he flew, flew, flew and he went to the Power Rangers and they flew him.
I want Billy for Christmas. It's not Christmas yet. There's no snow outside.

The End

It's really a shame that I can't post the original artwork my son illustrated this book with - it's well worth seeing ;-)

trainman says re The Power Rangers who killed the gooey bad man: I often have to closed caption episodes of "Power Rangers," and I think your son could get a job writing for the show.

Bitca says Dude, I'm totally crushed that my name doesn't appear on the list of MARVELOUS PERFORMERS. is it because I laughed too much during my declamation. mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. I don't know HOW I missed you.. fixed now :-)

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