The Presidents of the United States of America, also known as PUSA, are a now-defunct band that took the pop-music scene by storm in 1997 with their debut single Lump which was quickly followed by the "Maxi-Single" Peaches and then a self-titled album.

This album was an instant success and went platinum, due to Chris Ballew's catchy vocals and two-string basitar Dave Dederer's three-string guitbass. They sang simplistic songs about Peaches, Kitties, and Dune Buggies. They then produced another album, II, which was a modest success. This too was sugar pop with songs dealing with tiki gods, volcanoes, and more. Some people have interpreted their songs as marxist philosophy but this is untrue.

After II the band broke up suddenly, in a "happy departure" from each other, supposedly on good terms. They released a final album, Pure Frosting, and mysteriously disappeared. Recent rumors have them coming out with another album but these rumours remain thus far unsubstantiated.

A complete list of songs can be found at Presidents of the United States of America Songlist

Update: Freaked out and Small was released as mentioned above. It has a more mellow mood than their other songs but is an interesting retrospection by the band as they face their slowly ebbing idealism and confidence that things can change in the world.
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