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So there's this Catholic priest, this lawyer, and an architect, all on a plane. The engines suddenly explode and the plane begins falling out of the sky. The pilot gets on the intercom, briefly apologizing for the mistake. Pilot says luckily there's five parachutes on the plane, but he and co-pilot are taking two so they can divy the three up however they want.

Oh yeah, and there's 30 boy scouts.

So pilot and co-pilot bail. Lawyer runs into the cockpit, grabs the three parachutes. He tosses them to the two other grown men (the boy scouts' troop leaders took a different flight).

"Alright men," says the lawyer, "These devices can't be too hard to figure out. Let's bail, get home safely, and never look back."

The architect pauses. "Wait a minute," he begins, as the plane drops faster, hurdling towards a certain and firery death. "Now we are grown men here, and there are all these boy scouts. Fellows, I hate to say this, but we've lived our lives. These kids? These kids are our future. We've had our chance, and now we need to look ahead. Now as far as which kid to give the parachute to..."

"Come on!" interjects the lawyer. "I know it's selfish, but fuck those boyscouts!"

And the priest says, "Yeah, do you think there's time?"

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