Have you ever wondered if the instance of profanity you just used is strong enough for the occasion? No more! With The Profanity Hierarchy of Severity, never again will you ponder if the term of derision you have just uttered had enough punch. I present to you, in order of severity from "I can't believe you just said that!" to "What does that mean?",

The Profanity Hierarchy of Severity

  • cunt - Women hate this word. So unless you're gay, be careful when using it.
  • fuck - (I can't believe you just said that!)
  • nigger - I hate this word. No redeeming value whatsoever.
  • shit - Still not allowed on NBC
  • bitch - Used primarily to refer to women, also occasionally used to refer to a female dog.
  • Sumbitch - Excludes any possibility that occurs with "son of a bitch" that you are referring to a puppy.
  • Son of a bitch - Used solely to refer to males. (My mother almost called me this. She caught herself after she realized the selfinsult.)
  • bastard - Almost always used to refer to a male, this term is farther down the list than the various plays on bitch due to its use in the Bible.
  • God damn it - Slightly higher than damn because of its inclusion of deity.
  • damn - Any word that can make its way into a Puritan sermon is pretty weak.
  • hell - see previous
  • whore - People exist who will not use this word.
  • duck butter - (What does that mean?)

Submissions of words not present in the Profanity Hierarchy of Severity are appreciated, along with suggestions of where you think words should go. Changes and additions will be made as needed.

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