Another one of those group wasting-time games, where you need one person to not know the rules. Generally, this means that person is sent out of the room while the rules are conveyed and clarified to the lucky uninitiated who won't have to learn it the hard way.

When they return to the room, they find the others sitting in a circle. They are told that they are the psychiatrist, and that this is a support group for people with a particular problem. What they need to do is figure out what the problem is, by asking people, one at a time, going around the circle, questions - on anything.

this is the answer: if you don't like people telling you the answer, or if you plan to be tortured in this way at some future time, don't read the following sentence.The people answer the question asked the person before them.

I've seen this game go on for literally hours, depending on the acumen of the shrink (victim).

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