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This was the title of a film from 1989 that chronicles a young man in London's pursuit of a young American girl named Rachel.

The lead character, Charles Highway, is a real pick-up artist who turns to the camera in a very Ferris Bueller sort of way commenting on his techniques and strategies (as well as their varying degrees of effectiveness) as he tries to win Rachel's affection.

There are some very funny moments, a few well acted dramatic moments, and a very non-cliche storyline. But the whole movie is peppered with cliche elements from late 80's/early 90's films. For example, there are totally overdone computer effects involved with the custom software that Charles uses on his Amiga to manage his database of conquests and techniques. And some of the mugging he does for the camera is way too much of a rip off of Ferris Bueller.

But if you're an Ione Skye fan (I'm indifferent, but just pointing her out for all of you who are), or if you're in the mood for some witty banter from a lesser known but still quite good film, then I'd recommend this. If you can find it. I only know one video rental place in all of San Diego that still has it. It's near impossible to find.

PS: if you hate how most boy-meets-girl movies end so perfectly, then you'll love the sobering ending of this movie. don't watch it alone...you'll want someone to be there to hold you when it ends.

Before it was an OK film it was a fabulously precocious and obviously highly-autobiographical first novel by literary wunderkind Martin Amis. Self-indulgent, but very enjoyable for those of us young enough not to know better; that is, to pretend that we identify more completely with the protagonist than we possibly really can because he's so damn clever. Therein lies the problem: he's kinda hard to care about. An easier novel to admire than love, and a sign of things to come for old Mart. (Kingsley Amis, his father, hated it. I think.)

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