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The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest was a cartoon series produced by Hanna-Barbera based on the 1964 Hanna-Barbera cartoon called The Adventures of Jonny Quest. Two seasons were produced totaling 52 episodes. They were drastically different from each other both in animation style as well as the voice actors. It originally aired August 1996 through April 1997.

The Main Characters:
Jonny Quest
The show's 14 year old protagonist and namesake. Played by J.D. Roth in season one and Quinton Flynn in season two.
Dr. Benton Quest
Jonny's father. Played by George Segal in season one and Don Messick/John DeLancie in season two.
Race Bannon
The bodyguard, advisor and friend of Dr. Benton Quest. Played by George Segal in season one and Sonny Van Dusen/Robert Forsythe in season two.
Jessie Bannon
Race's daughter and Jonny's friend. Played by Jesse P. Douglas in season one and Jennifer Hale in season two.
Hadji Singh
Dr. Quest's adopted son and assistant, thus Jonny's brother. Played by Michael Benyear in season one and Rob Paulsen in season two.
Jonny's dog. Also, the only character to be played by the same person in both seasons, Frank Welker.

At this time, the show is dead. Syndicated repeats can occasionally be seen on Cartoon Network.

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