Story editor J. Michael Straczynski went on to fame as the creator and executive producer of Babylon 5. The aforementioned hour-long expansion of the show into "Slimer! and the Real Ghostbusters" coincided with his separation from the show; the inclusion of "Junior Ghostbusters", the removal of all personality from Janine (turning her into a mommy figure), and the bad animation of the Slimer! segment marked the death of the cartoon.

The character likenesses were changed so the producers wouldn't have to pay royalties to Bill Murray and company. This led to an amusing episode in which a film studio sought the rights to film the story of their first adventure...

            (reading contract)
        Murray, Aykroyd, and Ramis?

        Sounds like a law firm.
The Real Ghostbusters animated series ran for six seasons worth of new episodes between 1986-1991 and have been repeated in various syndication markets for years since, although these days it's hard to find the show on the air in most places. Video tapes of the series were sold in the early 1990s and might be found on Ebay if you search long enough.

And now...

The Real Ghostbusters Episode Guide

Season One (78 Episodes)

Season Two (13 Episodes)

Season Three (8 Episodes)

Season Four (21 Episodes)

Season Five (16 Episodes)

Season Six (4 Episodes) was an invaluable source for episode titles and some of the descriptions. Other elements of the list were compiled from my steel-trap of a memory.

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