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The record starts to spin. The couple begins to dance in a confined room, the curtains closed, the volume so low nobody but they hear it. The couple dances according to the record, shifting their legs accordingly. The movement continues for a minute or two. Then the record pops, the record player making an unpleasant sound. The couple continues dancing without interference. Some twenty seconds pass without any error in the sound. Then, the record pops again, at a critical time. The HUSBAND takes a step in the wrong direction. The WIFE is slightly bothered. The record skips. The WIFE is more visibly bothered, stomping instead of stepping. The HUSBAND dances correctly again and does not appear bothered.

Finally, the record skips and starts to loop a certain three seconds. Without any rhythm available, the couple tries to hold on to their current stepping tempo. They fail. Finally and possibly miraculously, the record stops looping and continues. No more than a second passes before the couple completely stops dancing, having fallen out of the rhythm. The couple exchanges stares. They hesitate to continue for a moment, but decide to start again, slowly getting back into the music.

Entry for MarriageQuest 2007.
To the softlinker, I was going for a play format. Since you didn't grasp that, I guess I failed.

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