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The Red Green Show is mostly short talking sketches with two characters - Red Green and his nephew Harold. Both wear nothing but red and green plaid shirts and spend most all of their lives at Possum Lodge. Red has his own handyman section of the show, appropraitely titled Handyman's Corner, in which everything is made of old stuff + duct tape to create a new item that is... well, unique to say the least (eg, clothes dryer stills).

Red's friend Bill also makes frequent appearances on the show, generally to do something stupid like try to CATCH javelins instead of throwing them. Bill is the source of much comic relief on the Red Green Show.

There are a few other random sketches (word of the day, and something along the lines of Men Anonymous) most involve duct tape or Red's friends getting hurt. Overall, this is probably the only good comedy I've seen come out of Canada, not to say that Kids In the Hall isn't good but...
"If women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy."

The Red Green Show (and The New Red Green Show) is a half hour comedy program which is broadcast in Australia, Canada and the United States; worldwide well over a hundred stations including the Comedy Channel the CBC, and a wide array of PBS stations.

The setting for the show is the fictitious Possum Lake which is located in some unspecified rural area of kinda northern Canada. Possum Lake is a very small place that just barely meets the requirements for the definition of a town, with an assortment of colorful characters, most of which (come to think of it I think ALL of which) are male and by "male" I mean the sort of male who tends to be sensitive only when it's required of them, and refuse to ask for directions when they get lost out of pride and principle. The men hang out at a clubhouse called Possum Lodge.

Each show begins with the nondescript leader of the gang, Red Green (portrayed by the softspoken, dry-witted Steve Smith, entering Possum Lodge and greeting the audience. He welcomes the audience as if they're old friends who've come by for another visit, and starts to discuss the most recent events, like catching up old friends on how things have been at home while they have been away. Usually it's during Green's little soliloquy that another inhabitant of Possum Lodge walks on the stage and interrupts with some new development of what becomes the ongoing storyline for that episode. Maybe Elvis Presley has just been sighted near Possum Lake, or they're having trouble with the lodge outhouse, or the men have been trying to dig a new well, or there's a bear inside the lodge. Whatever the dilemma, Red and his friends face it head on like truly courageous, yet moderately dim-witted men, often to hysterical results.

Pat McKenna plays the role of Harold, Red Green's technogeek nephew. In the early seasons of the show, Harold was a predominant source of comic relief and worked as a foil to Red Green's straight man persona. Then Harold left Possum Lodge to seek out his fortune and returned as a moderately successful dotcom entrepreneur. Though still a geek, he was a bit more of a snappy dresser.

Also in the earlier days of the series, Rick Green played the part of Bill, an eccentric naturalist with his own theories on how the laws of physics were more cartoony guidelines than actual laws and were made to be broken. In the early seasons, there was a regular segment called Adventures With Bill where Red Green and Bill experimented with the Great Outdoors seeking out new ways to do old things and occasionally discovering by happenstance things that man was simply never meant to know. These early adventures were invariably filmed and presented in black and white. In later seasons, Bill mysteriously disappeared, so these 'adventures' featured a host of other characters doing all kinds of strange things with heavy machinery, and with Red Green offering his patented voice-over commentary.

The Red Green Show is most noteable for Red Green's regular feature, Handyman's Corner. Each episode, Red reveals a new way to take the junk in his backyard and turn it into something novel. Using the handyman's secret weapon, duct tape, Red has turned a phone booth into an elevator, a water tank into a submarine, a grandfather clock out of a canoe, a broken down car into a barbeque grill, and all kinds of other wonderfully inventive and insane ideas.

In later seasons the regular features included the Possum Lodge Word Game, which is a strange variant on the old standby Password. Other features include The Experts panel where members of the lodge answer questions from viewer mail while avoiding those three painful words for men to say, "I don't know", and a series of drug-induced nature animated short films featuring the resident Fire Marshal, Ranger Gord (played by Peter Kelleghan). Ranger Gord has been manning the local fire watch tower for the past sixteen years without any vacation time and is going just a little mad. Then there's the handyman with a past Mike Hammer. Mike's on probation, and is trying hard to break the habits of a life of criminal behavior. He's got sticky fingers though, and despite his good intentions he seems to get everything wrong. He's played by the hilarious and talented Wayne Robson. And there's many other colorful characters, but strangely enough there are rarely if ever any women on the Red Green show.

The bottom line: Red Green is what The Man Show would have been had it actually used common sense and a more good-natured sensibility towards its audience. The Red Green Show is an intelligent, amusing look at man's strengths and weaknesses, and how sometimes they're one in the same.

"Keep your stick on the ice."

    Cast List
  • Bob Bainborough - Dalton Humphries
  • Neil Crone - Doc Render
  • Gavin Grawford - Dale Evans
  • Rick Green - Bill Smith (writer, co-creator)
  • Graham Greene - Edgar Montrose
  • Paul Gross - Kevin Black
  • Joel Harris - Walter
  • Bruce Hunter - Bob Stuyvesant
  • Jennifer Irwin - voice of Anne Marie Humphries
  • Peter Keleghan - Ranger Gord
  • Jeff Lumby - Winston Rothschild III
  • Patrick McKenna - Harold Green
  • Gorgon Pinsent - Hap Shaughnessy
  • Wayne Robson - Mike Hamar
  • Jerry Schaefer - Ed Frid
  • Albert Schultz - Arnie Dogan
  • Steve Smith - Red Green (executive producer, co-creator)
  • Ian Thomas - Dougie Franklin
  • Peter Wildman - Buzz Sherwood
  • Mark Wilson - Glen Brackston
  • William Johnston - executive producer
  • Ronald Lillie - executive producer
    Season One
  1. "The Big Inboard"
    Summary: The men at the lodge build a huge outboard motor out of a V8 engine. Harold discusses sex education. Handyman Corner: Red demonstrates the belt sander.
    Adventures With: Bill teaches canoeing.
  2. "The Elvis Sighting"
    Summary: Elvis is sighted near Possum Lake. Doug Franklin shows Red his monster truck. Handyman Corner: Red shows a youngster how to run a model airplane.
    Adventures With: Bill toboggans on garbage containers.
  3. "The UFO"
    Summary: The men claim to have seen a UFO.
    Handyman Corner: Red refinishes a chair with a bunch of hairdryers.
    Adventures With: Bill uses jumper cables to make a campfire.
  4. "The Treasure Hunt"
    Summary: The men go on a treasure hunt. Hap Shaughnessey stretches the truth about his rubber farm.
    Handyman Corner: Red builds a beer cooler out of a toilet tank.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates snowshoes.
  5. "Practical Joke Week"
    Summary: The men at the lodge play practical jokes on one another. Ranger Gord falls in love with a log.
    Handyman Corner: Red builds an elevator out of a garage door opener.
    Adventures With: Bill shows how to make homemade fishing gear.
  6. "The Home Barber Kit"
    Summary: One of the guys shows off his new home barber kit and gives everyone a haircut. Jimmy McVeigh plans to spend the night in the boat he's rebuilding.
    Handyman Corner: Red puts eight extra headlights on his car.
    Adventures With: Bill experiments with a snow blower.
  7. "The He Man Contest"
    Summary: The Lodge hosts a He-Man Contest. Shaughnessey tells tales of his days as a bush pilot.
    Handyman Corner: Red turns a stove into a reclining chair.
    Adventures With: Bill makes an igloo.
  8. "Guest Elephant"
    Summary: Red has an unpleasant experience with an elephant. When looking to buy a used car, kick everything!
    Handyman Corner: Red builds a jet powered car.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates paddling techniques.
  9. "Exotic Dancer"
    Summary: Moose goes to see an exotic dancer. Doug shows off his monster truck's engine.
    Handyman Corner: Red builds a portable phone.
    Adventures With: Bill goes parachuting.
  10. "Lost Toupee"
    Summary: Old man Sedgewick loses his toupee. Red pays a visit to Ranger Gord.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes an adjustable bed from a ping pong table.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates ways to keep the bugs away.
  11. "Talent Show"
    Summary: The Lodge hosts a talent show. Red gives basketball tips to a youngster.
    Handyman Corner: Red shows how to fix a VCR.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates how to put up a camping tent.
  12. "Problem Outhouse"
    Summary: The guys try to fix the lodge's outhouse. Hap describes his days on the railroad.
    Handyman Corner: Red tries to fix his lawn mower. Adventures With: Bill demonstrates knife throwing.
  13. "Whittling Contest" Summary: The lodge hosts a whittling contest. Glen fails to fix the outboard.
    Handyman Corner: Red demonstrates how to put on a spare tire with duct tape.
    Adventures With: Bill attempts water skiing.
  14. "Wind-Powered Boat" Summary: The men build a wind powered boat. Hap claims to have worked on a tiger ranch.
    Handyman Corner: Red changes a headlight with a wrecking bar.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrate the use of a metal detector.
  15. "Hot Water Bottle" Summary: The guys try to blow up a water bottle. Glen asks Red to clean his Recreational Vehicle.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes a coffin out of a freezer.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates archery.
  16. "Lodge Visitor" Summary: A wild bear makes his way into the Lodge. The gang tests the water on the golf course.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes a basketball net out of a crinoline.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates snorkeling.
  17. "Gun Powder Shakes" Summary: Gun powder finds its way into the Lodge's salt and pepper shakers. Doug Franklin explains why the ladies go for his monster truck.
    Handyman Corner: Red shows how to do your own body work.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates the use of slingshots.
  18. "Safety Week" Summary: The Lodge celebrates Safety Week. Jimmy builds a boat prop out of a ceiling fan.
    Handyman Corner: Red fixes his toaster.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates fire safety.
  19. "Bad Chili" Summary: A running shoe turns up in the lodge chili, and the mail service ceases.
    Handyman Corner: Red installs an air conditioner in the Possum van.
    Adventures With: Bill takes Red orienteering.
  20. "Water Tower" Summary: The men build a water tower. Red comments on free love.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes his own gull wing doors for a '78 Ford Granada.
    Adventures With: Bill has trouble trolling.
  21. "Jet-Ski" Summary: Somebody on Possum Lake has a jet ski. Hap has an unbelievable ice-fishing experience.
    Handyman Corner: Red shows how to substitute tools.
    Adventures With: Bill goes international in demonstrating the Bolos.
  22. "New Well" Summary: The men try to dig a new well. Dougie changes the oil in his monster truck.
    Handyman Corner: Red tries to winch a canoe into a trailer.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates trapping and snaring.
  23. "Canoe Jousting" Summary: The Lodge hosts a canoe jousting contest. Harold questions his uncle on the rules of etiquette.
    Handyman Corner: Red turns a car into a gardening centre.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates how to find water.
  24. "Water Slide" Summary: The men build a water slide. Dougie loses his license.
    Handyman Corner: Red shows how you can fix your own windshield.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates how to signal for help.
    Season Two
  1. "The Putter Attack"
    Summary: Noel Tightens security and accidentally crowns helmet with bob's favourite putter.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes a dishwasher out of a refridgerator.
    Adventures With: Bill goes rappelling.
  2. "Doc's Loan"
    Summary: Doc owes money to Helmut who is big and strong and upset.
    Handyman Corner: Red shows how to make a homemade lathe. Adventures With: Bill demonstrates water safety.
  3. "Missing"
    Summary: Someone steals Eddie's collection of Robert Goulet records.
    Handyman Corner: Red turns a water tank into a one-man sub.
    Adventures With: Bill accidentally sets the ground on fire.
  4. "The Receipt-A-Thon"
    Summary: The Lodge gets audited, so everyone starts forging receipts.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes a personal safety air bag.
    Adventures With: Bill has trouble with a hammock.
  5. "The Sing Along Machine"
    Summary: Eddie gets electrocuted by a homemade karaoke machine.
    Handyman Corner: Red rustproofs your car with linoleum.
    Adventures With: Bill learns about first aid.
  6. "Bear!!!"
    Summary: A bear in heat traps the men inside the Lodge.
    Handyman Corner: Red builds a bear scarer out of a couple of Hawaiian shirts.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates building a shelter in the woods.
  7. "The Bad Check-Up"
    Summary: Glen has a bad medical check-up and is denied insurance for his RV.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes patio lanterns out of used containers.
    Adventures With: Bill turns a canoe into a sailboat.
  8. "The Four-Man Raft"
    Summary: Murray sells the Lodge a four-man raft that turns out to be an inner tube with a tackle box duct-taped to it.
    Handyman Corner: Red shows ]many useful things to do with old oil drums.
    Adventures With: Bill makes a homemade bow and arrow.
  9. "Skeet Golf"
    Summary: Bob drives golf balls out over the lake and Helmut shoots them before they come down. He misses and the ball goes through Glen’s RV sunroof.
    Handyman Corner: Red turns a fridge into armor.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates how to find food in the woods.
  10. "The Broken Water Pump"
    Summary: Helmut is trying to fix the pump while Murray is trying to sell the Lodge a whole new water system and theme park.
    Handyman Corner: Red demonstrates how to change your oil.
    Adventures With: Bill tries barrel jumping.
  11. "The Illegal Clubs"
    Summary: Bob buys a set of clubs that turn out to be all left-handed drivers with a goalie stick for a putter.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes a moped with a bike and a chainsaw.
    Adventures With: Bill tries fishing from a float tube.
  12. "Animals In The Attic"
    Summary: Evidence points to a raccoon in the Lodge attic. Noel has to get rid of him, but Eddie has made him a pet.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes a sofa bed out of plastic milk crates.
    Adventures With: Bill takes Red shore fishing.
  13. "The Party Boat Sank"
    Summary: The Lodge's homemade pontoon boat sank and Glen is blamed for poor workmanship.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes a raincoat with a couple of tablecloths and a glue gun.
    Adventures With: Bill tries his hand at sailing.
  14. "The Food Club"
    Summary: Douglas signs the Lodge up for Murray's food club which forces Eddie to quit.
    Handyman Corner: Red demonstrates how every tool can be used as a hammer.
    Adventures With: Bill tries some innovative methods of tree climbing.
  15. "The Fish Locator"
    Summary: Doc buys a fish locator that he can’t afford so he creates a lottery to pay for it.
    Handyman Corner: Red shows how to make transmission repairs.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates a few camouflage techniques.
  16. "The Bent Canoe"
    Summary: Helmut went white water rafting and wrecked the canoe. Helmet won’t replace it and Glen can’t fix it.
    Handyman Corner: Red shows a bunch of things you can make out of tin.
    Adventures With: Bill tries to get Harold's Frisbee out of a tree.
  17. "Job Security"
    Summary: Douglas fires Noel and appoints Helmut as the new head of Lodge Security.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes a grandfather clock out of a canoe.
    Adventures With: Bill builds and test drives a catapult.
  18. "Noel's Stag"
    Summary: The men are planning a stag for Noel who is getting married on very short notice.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes things for the kitchen out of a car engine.
    Adventures With: Bill finds food in the woods.
  19. "Bob's Birthday"
    Summary: A bunch of misunderstandings lead to an on-again off-again surprise party for Bob.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes a leaf blower out of a washroom hand dryer.
    Adventures With: Bill tries walking on stilts.
  20. "The Sudsy Lake"
    Summary: Possum Lake is covered with pink foam that turns out to be coming from Eddie’s dishwasher.
    Handyman Corner: Red shows up a bunch of things that can be done with pieces of garden hose after you run over them with your lawn mower.
    Adventures With: Bill tries hockey.
  21. "The Gun Mishap"
    Summary: Noel accidentally shoots Murray which is a major upset for Murray and a minor inconsequent for everyone else.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes a toboggan out of a car hood.
    Adventures With: Bill spruces up an old bicycle.
  22. "The Double Date"
    Summary: Helmut and Glen go on a double date in the RV.
    Handyman Corner: Red shows how to make decorative plaster molding for your home or cottage.
    Adventures With: Bill ignores the dangers and tries to top a tree.
  23. "The Florida Trip"
    Summary: The men decide to take Glen’s RV to Florida without Glen in it.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes a pool table out of things he found in the backyard. Adventures With: Bill tries out a few boomerangs.
  24. "Not One Fish"
    Summary: Doc claims that Bob and the government have killed all the fish in Possum Lake.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes a recliner rocker out of an old wooden chair and a barbecue grill.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates how to help at the scene of an accident.
    Season Three
  1. "Maple Syrup"
    Summary: The Lodge uses a fuel pump from a Russian missile to collect maple syrup. Harold exposes what’s wrong with adults. Douglas Franklin tells us why to stay away from doctors.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes a wind surfer out of a patio table. Adventures With: Bill demonstrates the dangerous side of camping lanterns.
  2. "Car Pool"
    Summary: Red tries to start a car pool as an excuse to buy a 12 passenger van but the men only like to ride in their own vehicles. Harold gives some valuable tips on bully proofing. Hap Shaughnessy reveals some personal experience with explosives. Handyman Corner: Red makes an intercom out of old toilets.
    Adventures With: Bill has new techniques for cutting down trees.
  3. "The Spawning Grounds"
    Summary: The Lodge backhoe rolled into Possum Lake and the men find out they can get government money if they use it as a shelter for fingerlings. Harold starts his own news network.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes the world’s most complete tool belt.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates downhill skiing.
  4. "Magnetic Lake"
    Summary: A freak accident and a lot of pollution result in Possum Lake being magnetized. Lodge life becomes difficult, especially for anything with iron in it. Harold pretends to be God. Bob Stuyvesant describes how to entertain kids when they came to stay for the summer.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes a kiddie ride out of an umbrella clothesline.
    Adventures With: Bill shows how not to launch a boat.
  5. "Underground Parking"
    Summary: The men convert an abandoned gold mine into an underground parking lot which floods. Harold forms the Possum Lodge Cadets.
    Handyman Corner: Red turns a barbecue grill into a full set of scuba gear. Adventures With: Bill makes a very large backpack.
  6. "The Tanks We Get"
    Summary: The Lodge received 49 ten thousand gallon gas tanks for a fund raiser. Harold has the inside dope on show business.
    Handyman Corner: Red builds a personal sauna out of a clothes dryer.
    Adventures With: Bill finds quicksand.
  7. "Fire Brigade"
    Summary: The Lodge forms its own volunteer fire department and things go badly. Harold gives hints on how to date a girl who’s out of your league. Hap Shaughnessy explains courage.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes a one-step gardening machine out of a double bed.
    Adventures With: Bill builds a monstrous campfire.
  8. "The New Shirt/Casino"
    Summary: Red holds a Casino Night at the Lodge but everyone is upset about his new shirt. Harold tells teens how to form a band.
    Handyman Corner: Red uses high voltage to cook a 7 pound roast.
    Adventures With: Bill makes a camp bed.
  9. "Green Green"
    Summary: Red cleans up the environmental damage around the Lodge and receives a government grant. Harold tells teens how to get along with their teachers. Dougie Franklin explains why to buy a car instead of a holiday.
    Handyman Corner: Red uses duct tape to replace the webbing in a lawn chair.
    Adventures With: Bill shows Red how to get his van out of the mud.
  10. "Fuel Conversion"
    Summary: The men at the Lodge decide to convert their vehicles to run on firewood. Harold does a feature on great film directors. Glen Brackston, the world’s laziest marina owner, gives the secret of dieting.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes a self-cooled chair.
    Adventures With: Bill tries his hand, and one foot, at trapping.
  11. "The Hidden Mine"
    Summary: The guys drop into a hidden mine shaft while bungie jumping. Hap Shaughnessy tells why some people stretch the truth.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes a bicycle out of an old car.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates how to keep food cool without a refrigerator or ice.
  12. "Lake Regulations"
    Summary: Possum Lodge has a confrontation with the Yuppie canoe club on Possum Lake. Harold starts a new sex phone-in show. Bob Stuyvesant and Glen Brackston advise how to tell your children their pet has passed away.
    Handyman Corner: Red turns an old canoe into a porch swing. Adventures With: Bill makes his pop tent into a hang glider.
  13. "Cross The Lake Race"
    Summary: The men have a race across Possum Lake to see who wins the job of ferry boat captain for the nudist camp. Harold presents his new movie review show. Douglas Franklin gives advice on how to get attention.
    Handyman Corner: Red turns a patio umbrella into a satellite dish.
    Adventures With: Bill goes duck hunting.
  14. "The Salmon Parade"
    Summary: Possum Lodge decides to have a parade to celebrate the return of the salmon to Mercury Creek. Harold tries a new pilot called Tricks Your Driving Instructor Never Taught You. Glen Brackston is forced to give an opinion on alternate lifestyles.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes a full set of living room furniture out of a used car.
    Adventures With: Bill shows some creative ways to cut grass.
  15. "The Funniest Video"
    Summary: In order to raise money for the Lodge, the men decide to send in a funny video tape to a television show. Harold tries a new show that allows nerds to respond to their detractors.
    Handyman Corner: Red shows how to put up a wall in your basement.
    Adventures With: Bill goes cross country skiing.
  16. "Biosphere Three"
    Summary: The men decide to do a biosphere experiment until they find out you have to be in there for two years. Harold tries a new show on bus etiquette.
    Handyman Corner: Red demonstrates new ways of using a step ladder.
    Adventures With: Bill makes an outdoor shower with an old water pump and a jacked-up car.
  17. "The Water Park"
    Summary: Following an accidental cement spill, Red and the boys decide to make Possum Lake into a water theme park. Harold does a pilot for a series exposing sex myths. Bob talks about coping with stress.
    Handyman Corner: Red has some ideas to discourage tailgaters.
    Adventures With: Bill does some maintenance on his sailboat.
  18. "The Used Helicopter"
    Summary: Buster Hadfield buys a used helicopter and the boys at the Lodge have fun trying to fly it. Harold's movie review show. Dougie shows off his knowledge of the ten commandments.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes a CD player out of an old toaster.
    Adventures With: Bill sets alarms to warn if animals are invading the campsite.
  19. "Possum Lake Regatta"
    Summary: After Moose Thompson flips his car into the lake, the men decide to make it part of the annual Possum Lake Regatta. Harold does a program on how to talk to the police. Hap claims that a K-Car distributor cap is a deadly weapon.
    Handyman Corner: Red builds a cabin cruiser out of plastic pop bottles.
    Adventures With: Bill blows up his campsite by using river rocks in the fire.
  20. "The Retirement Home"
    Summary: Old Man Sedgwick gets everybody to help him build a cottage up on a Rock Reef Point. Harold starts a series of documentaries on his campaign to become High School President. Dougie tries to choose the best car ever made.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes a gift for the special lady in his life.
    Adventures With: Bill shows how to survive in your car while waiting to be rescued.
  21. "Slingshot Skiing"
    Summary: Moose makes a huge slingshot out of surgical tubing so that he can water ski without a boat. Harold tries a new concept showing teenagers how posture makes you look good. Glen describes how communism fell because of the lack of RV’s in Russia.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes an inexpensive boat trailer out of two old bikes.
    Adventures With: Bill invents a whole new way to take leaves off your lawn.
  22. "The Possum Olympics"
    Summary: Possum Lodge is the proposed site of the BI-annual Possum Olympics. Harold shows shy teens how to dance. Dougie explains how Canadians are different from Americans.
    Handyman Corner: Red gives lessons on the basics of supply side plumbing. Adventures With: Bill demonstrates the sport of horseshoes.
  23. "Possum Lake Monster"
    Summary: A dinosaur is spotted swimming around in Possum Lake. Harold tries to get a TV series going on how to achieve and maintain cool hair. Hap tells how he worked with Einstein on the Theory of Relativity.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes an interesting clock out of beer bottles.
    Adventures With: Bill shows campers how to store food in the woods.
  24. "The Water Show"
    Summary: The men decide to put on a Possum Lodge Water Show to attract tourists. Harold gets very serious about safe sex. Bob gives marital advice to a viewer.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes a comfortable easy boy chair out of steel belted tires.
    Adventures With: Bill decides to go diving in the leaves because the water is too cold.
    Season Four
  1. "The Beef Project"
    Summary: Junior Singleton inherits a cow from one of the local farmers, and the men of the Possum Lodge offer to butcher it for him.
  2. "The Owl Project"
    Summary: A rare Unicorn Owl is spotted near Possum Lodge, and the whole area is on the verge of becoming an environmentally protected sanctuary with no hunting or fishing.
  3. "The Beer Project"
    Summary: Responding to the high price of beer, the men of the Possum Lodge decide to save money by brewing their own rather than curtailing consumption.
  4. "The Firewood Project"
    Summary: The popularity of "pick your own" strawberries and apples leads the men of the Possum Lodge to the conclusion that there's a market for "pick your own" firewood.
  5. "The Hydrogen Project"
    Summary: A large quantity of hydrogen is released during an attempt to turn Possum Lake into a huge car battery, negatively impacting the quality of local life.
  6. "The Schoolhouse Project"
    Summary: An attempt by a city couple to purchase the old schoolhouse leads the locals of Possum Lake to find a way to save it, or at least make it unmarketable.
  7. "The Firefly Project"
    Summary: One of the members of Possum Lodge decides to light his home by trapping fireflies in a huge skylight.
  8. "The Badger Project"
    Summary: Old Man Sedgwick gets a badger caught in his pants.
  9. "The Conveyor Project"
    Summary: Buster Hadfield and his brother buy a used conveyor belt, and the rest of the Possum Lodge members try to make it look like a smart decision.
  10. "The Electrical Project"
    Summary: To protest the utilities company, the men of Possum Lodge decide to generate their own electricity.
  11. "The Storm Damage Project"
    Summary: The Possum Lake area is hit by a huge storm, as predicted by Old Man Sedgwick's body.
  12. "The Marine Show Project"
    Summary: The men of Possum Lodge fly in a couple of seas cows to create a marine entertainment centre that is reminiscent of other historic mistakes.
  13. "The Silver Project"
    Summary: After a particularly boring exhibition of Busters Hadfield's vacation pictures, the men of Possum Lodge try to suck the silver off the negatives.
  14. "The Ski and Golf Project"
    Summary: When Moose Thompson successfully sues the local golf and ski resort and ends up owning it, he learns that in lawsuits, as in life, you should be careful what you wish for.
  15. "The Auction Project"
    Summary: Encouraged by tourists' penchant for paying any amount of money for anything, the men of Possum Lodge decide to hold a gigantic auction.
  16. "The Rustproofing Project"
    Summary: Tired of watching their vehicles turn to rust, the men of Possum Lodge once again take the law (of nature) into their own hands.
  17. "The Movie Project"
    Summary: A group of bandy-legged vegetarian filmmakers invade Possum Lodge to shoot a documentary on the environmental fallout of manly behavior.
  18. "The Painted Leaves Project"
    Summary: An unexpected explosion in the paint shop gives the men the idea of painting all the local trees for fun and profit.
  19. "The Real Estate Project"
    Summary: Somebody buys the lot next door to Possum Lodge and starts fixing it up, ruining the neighborhood.
  20. "The Stuck Truck Project"
    Summary: Stinky Peterson's girlfriend gets his truck stuck in the ditch, but by the time it's over, Stinky is the one who's stuck and ditched.
  21. "The Group Photo Project"
    Summary: To celebrate the anniversary of the invention of the spin casting reel, the people around Possum Lodge decide to stand in the centre of town for an aerial photo.
  22. "The Guard Dog Project"
    Summary: Junior Singleton decides to get a guard dog when all of his lawn ornaments are stolen.
  23. "The Mt. Rushmore Project"
    Summary: Desperately seeking sustenance, the men of Possum Lodge decide to carve Rock Reef Point into a tourist attraction.
  24. "The Catfish Project"
    Summary: Old Man Sedgwick catches a 47-foot catfish in the Catch a Catfish for Confirmation Contest, and the men of Possum Lodge decide to make it into perfume.
    Season Five
  1. "Men's Night On The Mountain"
    Summary: "Women accept what they are; Men have to prove it." Special Guest Graham Greene. Harold finally is invited to spend a night out with the boys. Animal Control Officer, Garth Harble swallows a rodent.
    Handyman Corner: Red demonstrates how to turn a grocery cart into a lounge chair complete with snacks.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates cliff diving.
  2. "The Driving Test"
    Summary: "Women know where they're going; Men drive." Special Guest Gordon Pinsent. Hap recounts his Sport Whaling days. Harold impersonates Red at the driving test after Red loses his license.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes an anti radar device.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates alternative modes of transportation.
  3. "The Satellite Dish"
    Summary: "Women are watching the world; Men are watching television." As usual the men at Possum Lodge overdo everything.
    Handyman Corner: Red shows how to turn a discarded dashboard into the ultimate remote control.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates a pogo stick.
  4. "Father and Son Banquet"
    Summary: "Women can bear children; Men can't." Special Guest Graham Greene. Red and Harold need fathers for the banquet. Edgar Montrose demonstates the use of dynamite for home renovations.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes a girl's bedroom suite out of recycled tires.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates a tire swing.
  5. "The New Doctor"
    Summary: "Women pursue good health; Men pursue good doctors." The local Tastee Freeze is converted into Possum Lake Medical Clinic. Handyman Corner: Red makes a golf cart from a bicycle and plastic pipe. Adventures With: Bill attempts a Bar-B-Q.
  6. "The Vertical Grandstand"
    Summary: "Women enjoy good entertainment; Men prefer good seats." A new transformer tower is the inspiration for a grandstand.
    Handyman Corner: Red demonstrates bonding metals.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates rocketry.
  7. "The Network Deal"
    Summary: "Women appreciate creative input; Men appreciate silence." A big network becomes interested in the show and wants to make a few minor changes including replacing Harold and adding the first female to the cast.
    Handyman Corner: Red demonstrates the fine art of packing.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates boxing.
  8. "Medieval Times"
    Summary: "Women try to preserve history; Men try to make it." Camelot comes to Possum Lake.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes a crossbow courier device.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates fencing.
  9. "Van Go"
    Summary: "Women protect their feelings; Men protect their possessions." The Possum Van is stolen.
    Handyman Corner: Red burglar proofs a car.
    Adventures With: Bill goes cycling.
  10. "Possum Lodge Radio"
    Summary: "Women like to communicate; Men like to broadcast." CB Radios replace the telephone system at Possum Lake.
    Handyman Corner: Red turns an outhouse into a phone booth.
    Adventures With: Bill goes bowling.
  11. "X Marks The Spot"
    Summary: "Women better themselves; Men better their friends." Lodge members search for buried treasure.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes a lawn roller from a bicycle and two clothes dryers.
    Adventures With: Bill does some bird watching.
  12. "Sedgwick The Thief"
    Summary: "Women are helpful by nature; Men need a court order." Old Man Sedgwick is arrested for shoplifting.
    Handyman Corner: Red converts an ordinary car into a cable car.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstates pickpocketing.
  13. "The Cement Load"
    Summary: "Women have to cement a romance; Men have a romance with cement." When the submarine pen project is cancelled, the men of Possum Lodge contend with 15 truckloads of cement.
    Handyman Corner: Red converts a boat into a hovercraft. Adventures With: Bill builds a cement table.
  14. "The Gas Shortage"
    Summary: "Women travel; Men bum gas." A crisis results when Possum Lake's only gas station closes.
    Handyman Corner: Red converts the Possum Van into a huge gas tank.
    Adventures With: Bill becomes a cowboy.
  15. "Trout Season"
    Summary: "Women go forward; Men go fishing." With the start of a new season the lodge members create innovative and sometimes illegal ways to catch fish in Possum Lake.
    Handyman Corner: Red adapts hip waders to carry all his fishing gear.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates casting a lure.
  16. "The Lost Dog"
    Summary: "Women lament lost love; Men lament lost pets." Lodge members go in search of a lost dog in Possum Woods.
    Handyman Corner: Red demonstrates creative ways to keep your dog at home.
    Adventures With: Bill goes hot air ballooning.
  17. "The New Statue"
    Summary: "Women build friendships; Men build statues." Lodge members decide to replace the town statue they destroyed.
    Handyman Corner: Red designs a non chemical mosquito control system.
    Adventures With: Bill tries to get his car going.
  18. "One Man's Garbage"
    Summary: "Women throw out their garbage; Men catch it." Members decide to clean up the lodge and end up in the landfill business.
    Handyman Corner: Red builds a trash compactor.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates the use of frisbees.
  19. "The Big Thing"
    Summary: "Women value quality; Men value size." Big mysterious machine creates big excitement at Possum Lake.
    Handyman Corner: Red builds an elevated observation chair.
    Adventures With: Bill plays with ladders.
  20. "Bottled Water"
    Summary: "Women value free spirits; Men bottle them." Lodge Members set up their own still.
    Handyman Corner: Red builds a robot.
    Adventures With: Bill installs an above ground pool.
  21. "Floating Church"
    Summary: "Women enjoy church; Men enjoy Sundays." Religion comes to Possum Lake with explosive consequences.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes himself unsinkable.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates martial arts.
  22. "The Not-Chicken Franchise"
    Summary: "Women enjoy good food done well; Men enjoy fast food done cheap." Red and Harold promote the new restaurant in town.
    Handyman Corner: Red makes a neon sign.
    Adventures With: Bill plays soccer.
  23. "The Compost Heap"
    Summary: "Women make compost heaps; Men make garbage piles." Lodge members decide to grow their own beer nuts.
    Handyman Corner: Red demonstrates his planting techniques.
    Adventures With: Bill tries his hand at mulching.
  24. "Homemade Cheese"
    Summary: "Women mature; Men ferment." Junior's house develops a major mouse infestation.
    Handyman Corner: Red offers pest control tips.
    Adventures With: Bill demonstrates making cheese.
    Season Six
  1. "The Science Fair"
  2. "Sedgwick The Tenant"
  3. "The Driving Lesson"
  4. "The Tax Refund"
  5. "No Church"
  6. "The Petting Zoo"
  7. "Good Government"
  8. "The Poker Game"
  9. "The Drill"
  10. "Maxi Golf"
  11. "Bernice's Birthday"
  12. "The Church Casino"
  13. "The House Raising"
  14. "The Love Boat"
  15. "The Girlfriend"
  16. "The New Lease"
  17. "The Baseball Tryouts"
  18. "30 Minutes Or Free"
  19. "Fund Raiser"
  20. "Real Estate"
  21. "The Stag Party"
  22. "The Suits"
  23. "The High School Reunion"
  24. "Harold's Wheels"
    Season Seven (started December 1997)
  1. "Running Of The Bulls"
  2. "Swiss It Up"
  3. "The Implosion"
  4. "Adopt-A-Highway"
  5. "The Strange Ranger"
  6. "Big Guy Little Guy"
  7. "The Movie"
  8. "Expropriation"
  9. "The Stool Pigeons"
  10. "Celebrity"
  11. "Let Me Count The Ways"
  12. "Pardi Gras"
  13. "The Splinter Lodge"
  14. "The Good Old Hockey Game"
  15. "Outside"
  16. "The Town Mall"
  17. "The Winter Carnival"
    Season Eight
  1. "Harold's Leaving"
  2. "House Moving"
  3. "Niether Rain Nor Sleet"
  4. "The Cult Visit"
  5. "College Life"
  6. "The New Monument"
  7. "Free Apricots"
  8. "The Mayor Race"
  9. "Better To Give Than Recieve"
  10. "Town Services Contract"
  11. "Life Cycle"
  12. "Mad About You"
  13. "Bingo Was His Name"
    Season Nine
  1. "Harold¹s Job"
  2. "The Fishing Derby"
  3. "Lady In Red"
  4. "The Bachelor Auction"
  5. "Angel"
  6. "School Bus Blimp"
  7. "Coup De Grass"
  8. "Rent A Wreck"
  9. "Curse Of The Mummy"
  10. "Roll Out The Barrels"
  11. "No Retreat"
  12. "The Battle Call"
  13. "Hurricane Doug"
  14. "Guinness World Records"
  15. "The Auto Club"
  16. "Too Much Information"
    Season Ten
  1. "Sausage Envy"
  2. "Foster Child"
  3. "What A Dump"
  4. "Winston's Wedding"
  5. "Man Of The Year"
  6. "Survivor"
  7. "Historic Site"
  8. "Twinning"
  9. "Lunar Eclipse"
  10. "Barter Starter"
  11. "Out Of The Woods"
  12. "Cheap Jeep"
  13. "DNA All The Way"
  14. "Who Wants To Be A Smart Guy"
  15. "The Beaver Dam"
  16. "The Dandruff Foundation"
  17. "Damn You Emu"
  18. "No Duct Tape"
    Season Eleven (started October 2001)
  1. "New Job In Town"
  2. "Gladiator"
  3. "The Whooping Crane"
  4. "Back To Nature"
  5. "Dalton's Hot Gift"
  6. "Viva Las Possums"
  7. "Y2 Cans"
  8. "The Ghost Of Possum Lodge"
  9. "The Chainsaw Races"
  10. "Something In The Heir"
  11. "Daredevil"
  12. "Mike Goes Straight"
  13. "Xmas In July"
  14. "The Fishing Derby"
  15. "Masquerade Marathon"
  16. "Harold's Dilemma"
    Season Twelve (started October 2002)
  1. "The Possum Panderosa"
  2. "Possum Air"
  3. "The IQ Test"
  4. "The Day Of The Sunflowers"
  5. "Reality Television"
  6. "Possum Lodge Provincal Park"
  7. "The Silver Wasp"
  8. "Snowed In"
  9. "The Go Go Bars"
  10. "The Missile Crisis"
  11. "Never Send A Man"
  12. "Power Struggle"
  13. "Mr. Possum Lake"
  14. "Red And Breakfast"
  15. "The Moosetrap"
  16. "Stupid Cupid"
  17. "Go Fish"
    Special Episodes
  • "The Best Of Red Green" ~S.5
  • "We Can't Help It, We're Men" ~S.6
  • "Of Cars And Men" ~S.7
  • "It's A Wonderful Red Green Christmas" ~S.7
  • "Red Green's Guide To Parenting" ~S.9
  • "A Very Merry Red Green Christmas" ~S.9
  • "Red Green Does New Year's" ~December 2001
  • "The Making Of Red Green's Duct Tape Forever" ~March 2002
  • "Duct Tape Forever" Feature Movie
  • "A Lot Like Christmas" ~December 2002

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