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The Rogers Sale

Located in Columbiana County, Ohio, the Rogers Sale is a very large open-air flea market located approximately 15 miles north of East Liverpool. It is open for business on Wednesdays and Fridays of each week. Because of its location, the primary denziens are, frankly, white trash in the purest sense of the word. Think of the Rogers Sale as a large garage sale with livestock thrown in for good measure.

Vendors rent small areas where they can hock their wares, which range from knock-off clothing and sunglasses to swords, guns (for collecting, of course), and brass knuckles (affectionately known as "belt buckles" for sales purposes). Much like the streets of any big city or in Mexico (as I've been told), you can haggle (barter with) the vendors in an attmept to receive a bargain. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for those lucky enough to not live in Appalachia.

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