There have been several editions of this theological Catholic text; the one I am referring to here the 1964 English version released by The Bruce Publishing Company and written/translated by Philip T. Weller, Priest of the Diocese of La Crosse and Assistant Professor of Theology at Loyola University in Chicago. It should be noted that the '64 text is a vernacular translation of the Latin version available at the time and, due to extensive papal revisions in the 1970s, is not the same as the normative version currently in use by the Western Church.

This out-of-print book contains exhaustive information (aimed at priests) on all manner of rituals used in Roman Catholic ceremonies. You'll find information on baptisms, communion, preparing holy water, penance, matrimony, last rites, liturgies, exorcisms, sacraments, and blessings.

The book is fascinating reading for anyone interested in spirituality/religion, perhaps particularly so if you aren't familiar with Catholicism. Within this book are instructions on how to bless practically any person, creature, or object imaginable.

For instance:

Strangely, though, there is no information in this edition on blessing housecats; I have been told that cat blessings are very popular in parts of Mexico.


Apostolic Constitution of Pope Paul V on the Roman Ritual 

The Holy Sacraments, introduction and general rules

Baptism, introduction and general rules 
       Rite for baptism of children 

Baptism of adults, introduction and general rules 
       Norms for new rite for baptism of adults 
       Rite for baptism of adults 
       Rite for supplying of ceremonies omitted in baptism 
       Rite for baptism administered by a bishop 
       Blessing of baptismal water

Confirmation, introduction and general rules 
       Rite for confirmation apart from danger of death 
       Rite for confirmation in danger of death

Holy Eucharist, introduction and general rules 
       Rite for holy communion outside of Mass 
       Communion during Eastertime 
       Communion for the sick, general rules 
       Rite for communion for the sick 
       Rules for celebrating Mass more than once the same day 
       Mass celebrated by a blind priest 
       Forty Hours' Adoration 

Penance, introduction and general rules 
       Common form for absolution 
       Rite for absolving from excommunication 
       General absolution and papal blessing for religious 
       Papal blessing for secular tertiaries 
       Rite for absolving from suspension or interdict apart from 
        sacramental confession 

Anointing of the Sick, introduction and general rules 
       Rite for anointing of the sick 
       Visit and care of the sick 
       Spiritual assistance to the dying 
       Apostolic blessing at the hour of death 
       Rite for commending a departing soul 
       Prayers at the moment of death

Matrimony, introduction and general rules
       Rite for celebrating marriage within Mass 
       Rite for celebrating marriage apart from Mass
       Mixed marriage 
       Celebration of a silver or golden wedding 
       Solemn engagement or betrothal 

Holy Orders: priesthood, introduction
       Rite for ordination of priests

The Seven Penitential Psalms and Litany of the Saints 

Liturgy for the Faithful Departed, introduction and general rules 
       Rite for burial of adults
       Exequies when the body is not present
       Rite for burial of children

Blessings and other sacramentals, introduction and general rules 
       Blessings for special days and feasts
       Blessings of persons
       Blessings of animals
       Blessings of places not designated for sacred purposes
       Blessings of places designated for sacred purposes 
       Blessings of things designated for sacred purposes
       Blessings of things designated for ordinary use

Processions, general rules
       Rites for processions

Exorcism, introduction and general rules
       Rite for exorcism
       Exorcism of Satan and the Fallen Angels


Blessings formerly reserved to religious orders 

Appendix: reception of converts; itinerarium; 
prayers at meals; oath against modernism

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