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"A matter of life and death"
By Lyall Watson (author of Supernature)

In the book The Romeo Error, Lyall Watson builds a scientific framework in an attempt to make clear precisely what is meant by death. The solution to our problems appear to lie in the reconciling of scientific investigation and mystical revelation and, for these ends, the author is prepared where necessary to abandon the traditional scientific approach. The result is a fascinating and absorbing book of great importance for our understanding of life, death and its survival.

"I find," explains Lyall Watson, "that most of the time my line of investigation brings me in the end directly to the place where my mystic friends have been operating all along, but unlike many of them I know exactly where I am, because I can look back along the line and see how I got there. So, for those who find it hard to come to terms with realities, I offer this imperfect route map that starts out in errancy and ends on the edge of an awesome new frontier."

Published by Hodder and Stoughton, 1974.
ISBN 0 340 19136 8

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