One-act play by Harold Pinter, playwright of the theater of the absurd, first performed in late January 1960. The play depicts the life of a paranoid woman in her sixties, living in a boarding house with her husband, yet she never leaves her room of the derelict boarding house. Eventually, a ghost from her past, a blind black man named Riley, finds her and gives her a message--"Your father wants you to come home." After a short conversation, Rose's husband returns home, and beats Riley to death.

The play portrays how, though we may escape our past, it still comes back to haunt us. Yet, even then, the past can be protected from, but not eliminated.

The Room

Many words can describe this movie, but for the full effect, you have to see it for yourself. I will attempt to explain about this cult movie and why it is such an underground hit.

For those of you saying, "What the flip is this movie, what's he talking about?" all I can say is look it up or read the rest of this post. The Room is one of those kind of movies that is so bad, that it becomes legendary, or lack of better word, good. To start with, the movie is a "masterpiece" of writer, actor, and producer, Tommy Wiseau. If you haven't heard of him, don't worry, you're not crazy, the man literally came in out of nowhere,(along with what he reported as a 7 million dollar budget). Now after seeing this movie, you would think based off of the film quality that it was from the 90's. Prepare for your mind being blown, it was released in 2003!! I know, where did all the money for the budget go? It definitely didn't go to the high class actors in the movie.

The acting of course, in this movie, is some of the most laughable that you'll ever see. Every character in this movie either were bad actors or had a bad script. I say it was a little of both. And who can forget the star of the movie, Tommy Wiseau. He is by far the worst actor in the movie, and yet, one of my favorites. This goes back to the, "Its so bad, that it is good" dilemma.

The characters of the movie were Johnny played by Tommy Wiseau, Lisa, Johnny's future wife(they never say fiance ever in the movie), Mark, who is Johnny's best friend, Denny, the college student that Johnny supports, and Claudette, Lisa's mother. The rest of the characters are minor and aren't really important at all.

The setting is in San Francisco, though it should be noted that it was mostly shot in Los Angeles. There were green screen scenes, which are obvious, on what was the rooftop of the apartment that the character, Johnny lived. They added a 360 view of San Francisco cityscape for the rooftop scenes. One of the biggest criticisms of the movie is that they make establishing shots of San Francisco a lot in the movie. We get it, it's San Francisco!

Without giving away any important plot, all I can say there are a lot of holes and inconsistencies. An example of one of the holes is when Claudette tells Lisa that she, "She definitely has breast cancer." They never bring this up ever again. Claudette will sometimes complain she is tired, which obviously as the viewer, you naturally would say because she does have BREAST CANCER! An example of an inconsistency involves the character, Peter, who quit halfway through the shooting of the film, which they solve by creating a new character, never being introduced, to take up all of his lines. This would be unbeknown to the viewer, but otherwise an amusing debacle.

One of the more controversial topics of the movie is the fact that Wiseau states that this is meant to be a Dark comedy. Supposedly, and far more likely, was that the some of the actors reported that this film in fact, was shot seriously. One can assume that with the reactions of this movie, Wiseau tried to save skin by making it seem like he wasn't serious. You can even ask him yourself, since he goes to all of the screenings of the movie, where he has a Q&A before the film.

This movie is a bad, I mean really bad. Despite this fact, I would say it was one of the most memorable movies I have ever watched. It's a little treasure for those who love watching bad movies and amusing enough for many people who aren't fans of crappy movies. For those hesitant of such a film, I suggest seeing a rifftrax version of the movie, makes the movie even funnier, and thats like throwing gas on a fire. A must see for those interested.

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