A fat boy who tried every sort of diet in the world eventually grew up to become a Very Successful Doctor and lost 75lbs and kept them off for 22 years after developing The Rotation Diet. In Nashville, Tennessee, in the Vanderbilt University Program, Nashville, 75,000 participants lost weight and improved their health. Dr. Katahn explains what it is that makes The Rotation Diet so successful is that his special regimen prevents the nasty slowing of metabolism -- the usual result of low calorie diets.

The program itself is very simple to follow. You eat 600 calories a day for three days, and then 900 calories a day for the next four days, and then 1200 calories for a week.
After this you repeat the cycle (600+900+1200) once again.
You then enjoy a well deserved 'vacation' from dieting. The vacation is exactly what prevents your metabolism from slowing down. Depending on your desired degree of weight loss and your current success, the vacation can last for a week or a month, it is completely up to you as long as you are not gaining weight. If you need it, there is the maintenance part of the plan. Then you go on the diet again and so on and on, until you reach your ideal weight.

Dr. Katahn promises weight loss of up to 1lb a day, but he says the good thing is that even if you cheat, you progress anyway, just at a slower pace.

Dr. Katahn noticed that his taste sensitivity increased so that much plainer food became delicious to him. Since it can be considered confirmed that taste intensity influences the very set point for body weight (the tastier the heavier), this diet can work by lowering this set point because you just don't need overly intense flavors to satisfy your tastebuds.

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