A pub in central Melbourne. The name of the premises is The Royal Artillery Hotel, but the name of the venue located on the premises is the Arthouse, if that makes sense. Both would serve equally well as node titles but the one I used pertains more specifically to the pub. In any event, people generally refer to it as the Arthouse. The place itself is rather unspectacular although certainly not bad - no real bar or sitting area but there are pool tables and one of those sit-down games of Galaga everyone loves, also they've got nice murals on the walls and all the bands have put their stickers on the walls in the toilets and on the PA. The reasons the place is good is because of the people who go there and the bands that play there. The bands that play there are real rock bands - they play punk and metal and stuff rather than boring music. Often they're good, often they are bad, usually they are entertaining but always you'll see some real music if you go there. The people that go there are the sorts of people who watch those sorts of bands. The beer is the normal price and cover charge is usually low. It's quite amazing how they do it really. It's a nice place to get a drink when there's not a band there anyway.

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