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The Titan Saturn had been told that one of his kids would rise up and overthrow him. So he came up with a grisly plot to prevent his destruction. Each time his wife Ops gave birth, he would devour the child (See, I told you it was sickening!) You'd think he would simply avoid having kids, but who am I to argue with a Titan? Anyway, Ops finnaly became fed up with all her babies being eaten alive, so whenher sixth child (Whew!) Jupiter was born, she ran off and hid him on the isle of Crete. In order to fool Saturn, she gave him a big rock rolled in cloth, which the Titan promptly ate.

Later, after Jupiter had grown up, he decided he would carry on the family tradition and overthrow his dad to take control of the Universe. He barged into Saturn's home and sliced the Titan open. All of Jupiter's siblings (and the big rock, which eventually became a holy relic in Delphi) spilled out.

Now Saturn was mighty pissed (Can you blame him?) and declared war on his children. Now this ain't your whimpy Gulf War or Hundred Years War stuff, this is all out Armageddon-caliber stuff folks. All the Titans fought with all the gods, with two notable exceptions. The Titans Prometheus and Epimetheus wisely choce to join the side of the Gods.

Well eventually the whole thing ended and the Gods emerged victorious, mostly because Jupiter freed the hundred-armed creatures who wielded thunder and lightning. Most of the Titans were imprisioned in Tartarus, the deepest part of the Underworld. Atlas got an even more miserable fate: he was cursed by Zeus to stand at the edge of the Earth and hold up the heavens for eternity.

Now as you remmember, the Titans were the children of Gaia, and she wasn't exactly happy with the vanquishing of her kids. So she created a horrible beast called Typhon. By now Jupiter had mastered the power of thunder and lightning and unlesahed these of Typhon, striking it down. At last Gaia gave up and Jupiter ascended to the coveted position of Ruler of the Universe.

To decided who got what part of the universe, Jupiter cast lots with brothers Neptune and Pluto. Jupiter won (of course) and chose the Sky as his main domain. Neptune was a bit more grounded and took the Seas. Pluto got stuck with the Underworld.These three joined their sisters in moving in to a new home atop Mount Oylmpus, a home built by the Cyclopes.

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