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The Running, Jumping and Standing Still Film is an early Goon short from 1959. Just nine minutes long, it is a collection of barely connected, yet quite amusing sight gags. The film was obviously created as an experiment and is fairly rudimentary but quite cleverly crafted and edited. The jokes are quite basic - it is questionable whether young viewers today would find it is funny as some of the high rating, yet stupid shows on today (like Friends etc.).

Highlights in the film include a man trying to pitch a tent and get some sleep, a ridiculously clichéd boxer signalling a fool in his direction, a group of idiots trying to set one of their number aloft in a kite festooned with the Union Jack, the frustrated photographer who can never get the picture he wants, and the man playing his record by placing it on a tree stump and running around it with a gramophone needle.

Quite hard to track down, but a funny film that doubles as a historical reference and should be of special interest to any Goon fans.

See also: The Goon Show


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