TechTV's The Screen Savers is the largest computer help show ever to hit the airwaves. Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton do a live broadcast of the show every weekday from 7:00 to 8:30 PM Eastern Time from the TechTV studios in San Francisco.

In addition to Leo and Pat, some of the regulars on the show include Martin Sargent, Megan Morrone, Yoshi DeHerrera, Morgan Webb, Catherine Schwartz, and Kevin Rose.

The Screen Savers has a huge fan base due in part to the interactive nature of the show. The hosts often join in on the chat sessions which go on during the broadcasts to chat with fans. Viewers can also call in by telephone or netcam. The telephone number is 888.989.7879. Callers are recommended to call in about an hour before the show starts.

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