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See, the human mind is kind of like...
a pinata. When it breaks open,
there's a lot of surprises inside.
Once you get the pinata perspective,
you see that losing your mind
can be a peak experience.

Jane Wagner
The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe
I found this quote in (of all things!) my Unix textbook.

I like this woman's attitude- I don't know whether this quote comes from a book, a dissertation, a thesis, or speech. But I like it. (Losing your mind is just about finding what you have stored in there.)

This is actually a play, and one of the best I've ever seen. I saw Lily Tomlin perform it solo, with about three props -- all of them nondescript chairs.

That quote is said by the character Trudy, a homeless person whose past electroshock therapy allows her to "channel-switch" into other people's brains. It's rather hard to describe the performance, except to say that the quote stand/alone/bitch posted is pretty representitive.

All I have to say is go, go now, experience it and let it change you brain. If Lily Tomlin's stopped performing it in the decade-plus since I've seen it, I understand there's a video of her performing it available.... and in any case, there's a book. Your favorite web search site should bring up dozens of links.

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