“Your complete personology guide to any relationship with anyone”

-"The Secret Language of Relationships", cover description.

"The Secret Language of Relationships" is a rather hefty book by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers, published by Penguin Studios that details how anyone would relate to any other person, based on the personological signs of both individuals. Personology is a lot like astrology, in that they both recognize the twelve traditional signs of the zodiac. However, personology further explores the concepts of astrology by focusing on the six to seven day period between two signs, called a “cusp.” What’s more, the four cusps that fall on the equinoxes and solstices (in the northern hemisphere) are particularly important and are believed to hold special significance. All who were born during these cusps are said to share certain characteristics with each other. These special cusps are as follows:

The meat of the book can be found in the descriptions of each of the 48 periods and cusps of a standard 365-day year, all of which have a name. For example, I was born on March 10th, so I am fall into the Pieces II period, which is called “The Week of the Loner.” Each period/cusp then has a two-page description of commonalities shared between those of the period, a list of common strengths and weaknesses, a page detailing famous individuals or celebrities that were also of the period, and a page long chart that describes the kind of relationships one could expect to have with individuals of other periods. There are five different “kinds” of relationships that exist, according to the book, and include “love,” “marriage,” “friendship,” “family,” and “work.” The impressiveness of this book becomes apparent when you realize that there is an in depth analysis like this for all 48 periods, as well as a detailed description of each possible relationship, and how said relationships may turn out. All of this adds up to about 800 pages.

Personally, I picked up this book out of curiosity, just to see what it had to offer. As I already took some stock in astrology and horoscopes, I considered myself to have a pretty open mind about the subject. I found that while the book was entertaining, I couldn’t really vouch for its accuracy. That’s not to say that it isn’t accurate, just that I didn’t see too many things that it foretold to match up perfectly with reality. There’s another book put out by the same authors, titled “The Secret Language of Birthdays,” that, as you may have guessed, describes similar personality traits of people with the same birthday. From my experience with that book, I would say that it offers much the same entertainment value as “The Secret Language of Relationships.” So, bottom line, if you’re interested in astrology, or other similar concepts, then I would suggest it. If you’re a skeptic though, you still may find some enjoyment in the book, if only in being able to disprove it.

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