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A television series produced by ITV Channel 4 which explained the inner workings of things in our modern home and office. The show was created and hosted by Tim Hunkin, assisted by Rex Garrod. Each episode focused on explaining the functional details of a particular machine or technology. Episodes include the vacuum cleaner, sewing machine, central heating, washing machine, refrigerator, television, internal combustion engine, telephone, radio, VCR, fax machine, and the elevator.

The show mixed a lot of educational information with wit and humor, and was great entertainment for all. I only wish there were more episodes, or that some channels in the US would run the show again.

Mistakes (thanks for the correction):
Demeter says CHannel 4 is an ITV station, not BBC

call says I hate to contradict Demeter, but Channel 4 is NOT an ITV station either. It's completely separate from both ITV and BBC.

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