The Seven Thunders of Rokugan were mortal followers of the seven kami, selected individually by the monk Shinsei to do battle with Fu Leng. The Scorpion Clan Thunder was named Shosuro, The Dragon Clan Thunder was named Mirumoto, The Lion Clan Thunder was Matsu, The Crane Clan Thunder was Doji Konishiko, The Crab Clan's Thunder was Hida Atarsi, The Unicorn Clan was Utaku, and The Phoenix Clan's Thunder was Isawa.

Lead by Shinsei, the Thunders journeyed through the Shadowlands and in a bloody battle, defeated Fu Leng by sealing his power into the Twelve Black Scrolls. Only Shosuro was able to escape from the Shadowlands alive- but she brought the Black Scrolls with her. The Yogo family of The Scorpion Clan was entrusted with these precious items, and the Empire was able to rest for the next thousand years.

When Fu Leng arose once more, the original Thunders were long dead- but their souls had been reincarnated into seven new persons who were destined to do battle with Fu Leng during the Day of Thunder. Bayushi Kachiko, Doji Hoturi, Utaku Kamoko, Isawa Tadaka, Hida Yakamo, Mirumoto Hitomi, and the former Akodo Toturi took up arms against Fu Leng once he had been made mortal by the Twelve Black Scrolls, with Doji Hoturi and Toturi finally delivering the killing blow to the dark god.

The five Thunders who did survive the battle- Kachiko, Kamoko, Yakamo, Hitomi, and Toturi- would eventually go on to fulfill the greater destiny that awaited each of them during the rule of the first Jade Emperor...

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